flat bottom steering wheel

  1. Donny_DJ

    For Sale OEM Genuine Audi A5/S5 Flat Bottom Leather Steering Wheel & Airbag 8P0419091 CR

    Hi all, This lovely wheel was originally off an Audi S3 but had the necessary alteration (by Ash @ Audi-Retrofits) to be fully compatible for a manual Audi A5/S5. Full details and photos...
  2. M

    Hi, need some help with my Audi

    Hi, I've changed my Audi A3 (2013 1.4 TFSI 8V) steering wheel. My issue is that my buttons aren't working. I'm just wondering, is this something I can fix or does it have to be like this? The steering wheel was changed from the Audi A3 normal steering wheel with shield air bag, and all MMI...
  3. E

    Flat Bottom Steering Wheel upgrade for Audi A3 8P?

    Hi All! Just wondering if anyone knows/could help! Im wanting to see if its possible to upgrade the steering wheel on my current car to a flat bottom one - ive seen a few online on eBay etc however im unsure if they would fit/work, so if anyone knows or has done before id appreciate any...
  4. hydro s3

    my s3 project build

    My car goes in to the garage in the middle of October to have a rebuild done with the parts above. I have new piston rings in the post that i got from the parts request section. The head will be getting sent of to a head specialist for all new valve guides and new valves lapped in and checking...
  5. S

    Help on flat bottom steering wheel change

    Hi im looking at changing my steering wheel on my Audi A5 tfsi couple s line 2010 for a flat bottom steering wheel . I have found a s3 fbmfsw with the same controls on the steering wheel with the flappy pannl gears. Its part number is 8J0 im wondering if a round circle airbag part number 8k0 off...