1. Charlie Ramirez

    Fitment on Audi A3 2017 Cabriolet Sline

    Hey guys, I'm thinking of ordering some new tsw bathurst 19" for my audi a3 cabrio 2017 sline, the thing is I have two options: going for a square 19x8.5 et 43 or 32 setup with some 235/35/19 yokohama tires, or going for a progressive setup with same 19x8.5 on front and some 19x9.5 et 39 on the...
  2. T

    Will they fit?

    Hi I have purchased new wheels they are 18” 9j et41, will they fit on my saloon, if not what sort of spacers will I need? Car is lowered 40m all round. Thanks
  3. E

    A6 wheel fitment

    Just a precaution, thinking of buying a new set of alloys. Old 7,5 17 ET45 5/112 New 7,5 17 ET36 5/112 Will they fit no problem, or is the offset going to be a rubbing issue? 2006, C6 Avant 2,7TDI
  4. Will.T

    Alloy fitment

    Hi Guys, I've been looking at some new alloys on Demon Tweeks who do some pretty reasonable finance options and I was wondering what size I'd need to go for? I need the width (options: 7", 7.5", 8" or 9"), diameter (I'll be going for 18"), PCD (Think this is 5x112?) and offset (35, 40 or 45)...
  5. Pandah

    Will this wheel fitment rub?

    Will a set of 18" 9.5j (front and back) 35ET rub on an SE 8V with standard suspension?
  6. Justin_17S3

    Audi S3 8V - Scorpion Catback Fitment

    Hello All, I am in need of some advice regarding my newly fitted Scorpion Catback Exhaust on Audi S3 8V. In my eyes it looks misaligned, but how can readjust to make fit bit higher then in current position? Would I need to fit new rubber mounts, because exhaust brackets do not adjust much...
  7. KieranS3

    Wide Wheels

    Anyone know how wide a wheel you can fit on an 8p S3 without having to roll arches? Thanks
  8. H

    Rim Fitment

    Hi all - im new to the site be gentle! I have 3.0tdi S line C7 currently with 18" with 8j fitment and ET39 on im thinking to buy a set of genuine 19" segments for the car with fitment of 9j ET33 - getting them for a good price and plan to diamond cut them. Just wondering whether these would...
  9. R


    Hi guys, New to this forum but I'm seeking your knowledge.. I've got a 1.8t BEX 53 plate. As you can imagine the breather system is shot to pieces.. Looking in to the reinforced kit by 034 Motorsport to replace as the oem parts are s**t and ££££ but I can't seem to find if this ...
  10. MrVPinksB5

    Wheel and Tyre fitment

    I am looking to get some 18" 9.5j ET35 wheels.. anyone know if they will fit without rubbing and which tyres set up should I go for I am looking at set of 215/35/r18 but not quiet sure. Some advice would be greatly appreciated :wink::wink::wink:
  11. S

    Will BBS CS-5 18" alloys fit an audi a3?

    Looking at said wheels.. just wondering if they would fit a 2009 2.0 tdi s-line sportback. Info I got on them are: 18 x 8.0" 5 x 112 ET40
  12. Lapapps

    XXR 530 fitment

    so I recently purchased some XXR 530, as I have always been a fan of these alloys before I even owned a s3. Now my problem is fitment as you can see in the pictures, I can no longer return the XXRs as some have had tyres on. I do quite like the design (I know it's personal choice many of you...