1. aar007

    Facelift Quick question about transmission?

    Hello dear fellows, I'll go directly to the question Which DSG will the facelift A3 1.4TFSI or COD will have? will they keep the DQ200 7 speed dry clutch or will they trickle down the new 7 speed wet clutch from the new A4? I couldn't find the answer on the web, hopefully you will help me...
  2. paradigital

    Facelift S3 owners, who are you insuring you FL with?

    So I'm looking around for insurance for my impending S3 saloon, and most insurers are failing to provide a quote, some even insisting on a black box (never going to happen). The handful that will insure me are looking at £775 upwards, and I've never even heard of them. I'm 33 with 10+ years no...
  3. B

    Facelift Facelift S3 parking sensors - Query

    Hi there, I hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm new to the forum, following recently ordering a FLS3 sportback. I got a great deal! But unfortunately wasn't able to add parking sensors due to it being an offer. I wasn't bothered at the time, but after some thinking time... It's...
  4. RAF_S7

    Custom Exhausts in Berks/Hamps?

    Hi Guy's, I want to delete the centre box on my 2016 S7 and replace with a stainless steel X-Pipe. Can anyone recommend an exhaust fabricator in either Berkshire or Hampshire that they have used and had a quality job from, and who could undertake this work? Im aware of the likes of Longlife...
  5. K

    Q7 q7 facelift lights. west midlands

    hi guys. just got a q7 as the family bus. however as always with new cars you get mod fever. so i have an early 2009 s-line (pre facelift) with halogens, headlight washers, air suspension and no manual headlight level/range control by headlight switch (so I'm guessing auto level as part of...
  6. D

    Audi S3 8v facelift?

    Hi, Recently been looking to order a new Audi S3 8v but I was told that I couldn't order a factory build as there is a facelift coming out and Audi and not taking new orders? Does anyone know what the facelift is going to look like and is there a difference in price?
  7. C

    Aud 3 2008 facelift

    Hi, I am not sure if this is the right place to post this but I hope I may be able to get an answer. I am looking at buying an audi a3 and I know there was a facelift in 2008. However I see some cars saying 2008 (57). My question is, what reg does the car need to be to have had the facelift...
  8. L

    New member/just ordered S3 Saloon

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum and new to Audi, and look forward to joining the forum. I have just ordered an S3 saloon, delivery due mid to late April. Apologies if this creates a duplicate thread, but I've seen rumours circulating of a an A3/S3 facelift being released towards the end of this...
  9. NatalieBx

    New car

    Ok so I'm in the process of completing my order for an A3 (although I'm hearing the S3 is a lot better) anyway I've specced it all up and was told I'd get delivery by April. Then I see rumours online that there's a facelift coming out this year. So now I'm in a dilemma, do I go ahead with this...
  10. Mujnu

    A3 8P Common Rail

    Hi everyone, I have a few questions in regards to the common rail platform. I've had a search but not much comes up, unless I'm typing in the wrong things lol My questions are: 1. What are the common problems on the common rail (140) engines? And things to look out for when buying? 2. Are...