1. Oreo5000

    Facelift Back in the S3 fold - Advice

    Hi Guys, It's been a while, 5 years since I had an S3. Pleased to say I'm now back online as I've just picked up a 2017 Black Edition S3 (Auto). I absolutely love it, quite the upgrade from my 2007! It came with the B&O sound system, and while it sounds good I don't feel like it's much of an...
  2. Rahmon_22

    Facelift 17 plate S3 8V test drive

    Hi Guys! I am relatively new to the Audi-Sport forum so forgive me for posting something which might already have been covered elsewhere! Basically, I am booked in with the local Audi dealership to test drive a 17 plate 8V S3 this weekend and I'm wondering if there is anything current FL...
  3. Erikn89nl

    Cluster Swap immo 2 to immo 3

    I am looking to perform a wideband conversion on my AGU A3. I could have the immob defeated on the ECU and be done with it, but I was wondering if it was possible to fit a facelift cluster instead... Anyone done this before?
  4. CalA3

    Facelift 19 inch tyre recommendations? (235/35 R19)

    Hi Guys, I picked up my S3 in September and (somehow?) have done 11,000 miles since and I am shocked that the Pirelli tyres that it was delivered with are now in need of changing already. Has anyone else experienced such a short lifetime of this tyre? I previously had a 1.4 A3 with 18 inch...
  5. dzeta

    Facelift 2017 S3 8V Milltek EPIC Exhaust Sound (video)

    Hi everyone! i just installed my new Milltek Exhaust Cat-back Non-resonated, with downpipe and APR Stage 2 remap. Pops & Bangs Heaven. ¿What do you think? ¿Do you want more videos?
  6. M7MD

    Facelift fastest way to launch the an S3 while rolling

    Can you please someone help in how can I launch the S3 in the most efficient and fastest way while rolling. My settings: Individual. 1- Engine/Gear Box = Auto 2- Suspension = Comfort 3- Steering = Auto 4- Quattro = Auto 5- Engine Sound = Dynamic What currently that I do to takeover or...
  7. kayeng

    Facelift God Bless the 5 cylinder demon!

    Hello all, Ordered in July, delivered in November..took me a while to get it the way I want it (almost). Order configuration included most of the bells and whistles excluding CCB and Active Driver Assistance. Also opted for the non-staggered wheel setup since I have no intention of tracking it...
  8. K

    Swapped my sun visor

    Top tip... Got the garage to order me a drivers side sun visor from the UK for my passenger side (I’m in Switzerland). Now I got 2 nice black warning-free sun visors. Super happy :)
  9. maxpayne

    Facelift LED rear lights question

    Hi Everyone, Received my facelift LEDs a few days ago. While I wait for the loom to arrive from Germany I had a quick question: Do the lights once fitted but not coded work in a legal manner? Is it just the LED part that doesn't light up , so brake lights will still work? I ask because it's...
  10. P

    Facelift Enable Direct TPMS on FL RS3

    I have a 2017 RS3 (Unites States car) with the Dynamic package and want to enable Direct TPMS along with the display in the Virtual Cockpit for my track tire setup. Those wheels have 315mhz VAG TPMS sensors installed. I've searched the forums and cannot find anything on how to do it on the FL...
  11. The Challinor

    Well I guess my 4th S3 in a row was just inevitable

    It's well documented on here that I've owned each generation of S3 since I was 19 and I'm 30 next August! Bar a couple of Punto's and a Corsa 1.8 SRI I've not known owned anything else, driven plenty of cars in that time but I've always had an S3. The Hulk is due back end of September next...
  12. C

    Facelift RS3 Lowering options

    I have picked up my new Nardo RS3 Sportback and I love it having done 500 miles so far. I have come from an RS4 (B8) and a BMW M2. The thing that I think needs improving is the stance of the RS3 as it has large arch gaps unlike my RS4. I fitted Eibach springs to the M2 which made it look...
  13. J

    FL vs PFL remaps

    So, my question to you wonderful people is, since both PFL and FL are running the same engine but with a slight different tune I believe, will a PFL car remapped to stage 1 for example, make the same power as a FL that has had a stage 1 map? Im asking this as I currently own an st200...
  14. Naps

    Facelift Issues playing music via Bluetooth

    Hello all :) This issue has all of a sudden appeared and not really sure why, when I first picked up the car it had no issues at all. My phone connects automatically to my MMI for phonebook, media etc like everyone else's does, when looking in connection manager it will even state that my...
  15. Bradneyyyy

    Facelift Water coming into car when opening doors

    Had my A3 nearly 12 months now. But up until now I haven't experienced this issue previously. When it's rained... light or heavy. When I come to open either driver or passenger door water is running in and onto the seats!!! Has anyone else had this problem with their Facelift model? I'm...
  16. I

    S3 - Is this a good deal?

    Hi, Recently had a few quotes from drivethedeal, coast2coast etc, and have got my local audi garage (wolverhampton) to match the quote. I'd be interested to see if this was considered a good deal, or should i try and get a little more off it. 2017 S3 Sportback Black Edition S Tronic Ibis White...
  17. festuc

    Facelift Inlays / Trim - Alu Ilumintated or CF...

    Hello, Anyone has photos of the inlays? I wanted to get the Carbon fiber ones, but it seems that only the Aluminium Race are iluminated plus they are a lot cheaper. Thanks!
  18. J

    Facelift headlight adapter cables

    Got some genuine Hella facelift units today and they came with a pair of TWO 3rd party adapter cables. I am not so sure if they are the proper ones since I've seen only single cables used around here and on other forums, and they've had single row FEP-connectors as well. Does anyone recognize...
  19. JM 772

    New S3

    Hi all, I have recently ordered a new S3 sportback 5door in Ibis white, it's due in end of September & I can't wait My extras are: S-Tronic Super sport seats Technology pack As u know in the Technology pack you get the B&O system, does anyone know if this comes with the sub in the spare tyre...
  20. L

    newbie on the group. hiii

    hello everyone, new to the group today! had a couple audi's. got a facelift aum at the minute.