1. R

    FL Xenon to Full LED retrofit/conversion/upgrade 2018

    Hi all, I am the lucky owner of a 2018 Audi A3 8V Sportback. I wanted to make the change from Xenon to Full LED lights (without Matrix). I have already purchased the lights, but only after purchase I realized that the original connectors have different pins layout. I bought access to erWIN, but...
  2. R

    Vibration when turning

    Hi I was after some advice I have an Audi S3 facelift model and recently I have noticed that when I am driving and turning or cornering quickly I get a vibration sound this is even at low speed or even when I am reversing in to the drive when turning the steering wheel. I was initially thinking...
  3. M

    S3 8p shocks options

    Mates anyone who already re-new the shocks with aftermarket options using oem springs? I'm concerned since there's no bunch of options for S3 8p rather than normal A3 but suspensión height and piston rods are different. Oem shocks are so expensive and being sold only with Audi dealership...
  4. A

    Need help with headlights

    Just bought an AUDI S3 8p. The front headlights sometimes decide to randomly stop working. The passengers side headlight doesn’t work at all. Neither of the front indicators work but when I unlock the car with the key, both the indicators flash.. very weird. It’s the pre facelift model but it...
  5. Strawberry

    Facelift Retrofitters (UK/east mids) using pre-sourced parts (8V FL S-line SB)

    I managed to get a good deal on a black 2019 A3 S-line last month and immediately got to sourcing folding mirrors(+trims+switch)/front parking sensors (x6 +PLA module)/reversing camera that I salvaged/ordered from china. Did a bunch of research for VCDS coding required and found my local VCDS...
  6. ClubSandwich

    Audi S3 8V Manual - Res Delete

    Hi I currently own a Manual '17 S3 8V and am looking into a Res delete to enhance the exhaust sound from the vehicle. Basically I'm hoping for more 'pops and bangs' whilst the car is in Dynamic mode, and for the exhaust sound to remain relatively inoffensive/stock whilst in Eco/Comfort modes...
  7. s3mad_dude

    Sold 8V Audi A3/S3/RS3 Electric power fold heated wing mirrors

    I have a pair of electric power-folding door mirrors for an 8V Audi A3/S3/RS3 with built-in LED indicators. They will fit both three and five door models. I think they will also fit onto the pre-facelift 8V model but please note that both of these mirrors were removed from 2018 *facelift*...
  8. W55LSY

    Wanted A3 8P 09-12 Headlights for Facelift with DRLs

    Help! I need a pair of headlights for a facelift A3 8p 2010 facelift
  9. Dika

    A3 8V FL halogen to led taillights

    Hello, i have seen all topics on doing PFL to FL led taillights. But have anyone did halogen to led taillights on A3 8V FL ( 2017+) Thanks!!
  10. bruckoosk

    B10F000 - function limitation due to compressor switch-off by engine

    B10F000 - function limitation due to compressor switch-off by engine Found out about this on OBDeleven A3 1.6 tdi 2017 sedan facelift Does anyone knows what it is?
  11. Honestlyneed2pee

    Keyless entry as standard??

    Hi there guys I’m new here I was hoping someone could help a brother out here I’m planning to get an Audi s3 (like 2017) with the facelift lights etc. My question is do S3s come with keyless entry as standard? I’m worried about that as thieves have those boxes that scan and replicate your key...
  12. S

    Audi a5 2014 Bonnet WANTED

    Hello, has anybody got a Bonnet for sale for a 2013-2016 A5? Preferably in black, Needed ASAP
  13. S

    Audi B8 Rs5 Facelift help please

    Hello, sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section. I'm after some info about facelifting the front end on an RS5 B8 2011 V8 - now i know there is much info of facelifting the non RS- A5 but cannot find the right stuff for the RS5 b8 to B8.5 conversion. Am i right in assuming just like...
  14. Tristan

    For Sale Rs3 facelift daza milltek non resonated catback exhaust.

    For sale is a milltek non resonated catback for rs3 facelift daza. Works with stock valves. Taken off a stage 2+ being put back to stock so have many engine/chassis parts of the highest quality available. 1100 or nearest for the milltek catback
  15. Tristan

    For Sale Wagner evo 3 intercooler for rs3 facelift

    For sale is a wagner evo 3 intercooler for rs3 facelift with adaptive cruise control only. Premium option for stage 2/3 and beyond. I am putting a stage 2+ back to stock due to selling it in factory form, so will have many premium parts both engine and chassis parts of the highest quality. 1100...
  16. Tristan

    For Sale Eventuri stage 3 intake for daza facelift Rs3

    For sale I have a 10 day old stage 3 eventuri intake for 1350 or nearest offer. It is in immaculate condition and I am also breaking other premium engine bolt ons/ chassis bolt ons as I am looking to sell my car in factory form
  17. Tristan

    For Sale Rs3 8v DAZA Facelift Eventuri stage 3 intake and 4" turbo elbow inlet for sale

    Hi guys for sale I have an eventuri stage 3 intake. It's a monster of an intake and is a must in terms of optimising air flow at stage 2 or even better with stage 3. As well as the performance side of things, the sound of the turbo spooling and the waste gate fluttering is also enhanced in...
  18. tobyhann

    Suspension!! Again!!

    Hi there newbie been reading loads of the suspension threads and confused on what to do! I have a 69 plate saloon with non mag ride suspension! I live in Somerset and the roads are horrible, I hear lots of good things about the MSS sport kit but as hear a lot of conflicting saying it only...
  19. WozaS3

    Facelift The Journey to Stage 3+!

    Hi Guys! Owned her for 2yrs+.. now its time to mod her and get her legs stretched! Car is booked in for some major work over the next few months - I will be filming it all! Check out my channel and follow if it tickles your fancy?
  20. Tristan

    For Sale Forge turbo inlet pipe/eventuri gen 1 intake for rs3 facelift

    Hi guys for sale I have a forge turbo inlet pipe for 100 pounds. As well as this i have an eventuri gen 1 intake for 900. Can sell them separately if both are not required. Forge turbo inlet retails close to 200 pounds and the eventuri retails at 1400 pounds or so. With these components along...