1. ohmyaudi

    Will saloon exhaust fit hatchback?

    How much modification is needed to make an aftermarket exhaust from an s3 saloon fit a 3 door hatchback?
  2. Austin Hickinson

    Milltek Exhaust

    i recently got a Milltek CatBack exhaust installed on my A3 and honestly im really disappointed in how quiet the system is! Can anyone give me advice on how to make the system louder without having to delete the muffler on the car (dont wanna lose the back pressure)!
  3. Ethan-S3

    Exhaust s3 8p /BCS exhaust/ stock to bcs

    Hello i have a question regarding the rubber pipe that is on the rear of the s3 8p i believe it is for the stock system being valved i am stage 2+ and i run a bcs wrc decat full system would it be wise to use that rubber pipe already at the back of the car for the valve of my exhaust or...
  4. o_dungey

    Downpipe & resonator delete sound

    hi has anyone got a 3inch catless downpipe and a resonator delete with a standard back box and if so would you mind posting a few sound clips? Cheers
  5. Rob Annable

    S4 B7 Cab auto - best exhaust / advice

    Hey everyone I have an S4 B7 auto and am finding the standard exhaust pretty quiet. I like the tailpipes though, I just fancy a bit more grumble. The only two main off the shelf products seem to be Milltek or Magnaflow, I have considered custom ones but do not entirely trust the reviews I have...
  6. ohmyaudi

    Catback milltek or decat & stage 2?

    I'm currently stage 1 with a res delete and pops and bangs mapped in, but I want something louder and more aggressive. Do I go milltek non res non valved catback? (Although would this drone be too much on motorway?) Or do I go decat and therefore stage 2 (with more pops and bangs) , plus a dsg...
  7. M

    Exhaust advice

    Hi all... looking for some advice re exhausts. I have a 2007 S3 8P with a stage 1 remap, stock exhaust with a hole where the arrows pointing below. Firstly, this section shown here is one part right? It doesn't split into 2? I've looked at miltek exhausted and they come in 4 sections, which...
  8. Joshua Ward

    Exhaust clamps Audi S3 8p

    Can anyone point me in the right direction for decent exhaust clamps ? Thanks
  9. leogrs3

    Tuning a 2019 A4 Diesel

    Hello All, glad to be back after a very long time, have been away and changed few cars in-between, but always stack to 4 the rings. I am about to receive in the next 1o days my new 2019 Audi 2.0 TDI 190HP Quattro S-line Black Edition, and the first thing i want to do is change the exhaust. I...
  10. Joshua Ward

    Valved quad exhaust system ? S3 8p

    Looking for a quad exhaust system that's valved ... I know it's a long shot had a look online and can only find the valved system from tog gear bridgeport (thats the standard 2 pipe exit) Also found the supersprint Quad exhaust but not a offspring of the both xD If you guys have any...
  11. JonahS38P

    S3 8P exhaust valve fault with custom exhaust

    I recently purchased an 07 S3 8P, previous owner put and aftermarket exhaust on the car which is tripping a fault for the engine light due to the different exhaust being on the car. Does anyone know how I can stop this?
  12. JimmyQuattro

    Exhaust... anyone actually changed it?

    Hi all, Been sifting through the new s5 forum and there’s a lot of talk about exhaust valve unplugs and if back box deletes make any difference etc But... has anyone actually changed out the stock exhaust on a b9 S5 on here? Obviously YouTube has loads of sound clips but I’m not going to go...
  13. ohmyaudi

    Which catback system? Need to hear!

    Okay so I've decided the next thing I need is a full catback system. I want noise and lots of it, deeper the better, preferably with no drone on the motorway. Anyone in London with different exhausts I could come and listen to??
  14. ohmyaudi

    Exhaust or down pipe?

    Okay so I'm currently running the stock exhaust with res delete and pops and bangs added in on a stage 1 map... but I want more. More noise, more pops and bangs, yup I want to be anti social when I put my foot down. Question is do I go full catback exhaust system or decat downpipe and...
  15. V

    Options to replace A4 Cab TFSI middle box.. HELP..

    Looking for a reasonably priced solution to my problem. The middle box is blowing on my 2006 A4 Cabriolet 2.0tfsi B7. It's a one piece system but I guess it could be chopped and a sleeve fitted? From what I know, the exhaust on the Cab is only available from Audi as a one piece system. I...
  16. hawkeye651

    Audi A4/S4 B8 Exhaust Clamp Fix

    Hi all - apologies if this has been posted before but thought it might help & avoid some unnecessary bills. My S4 (B8) 2010 began blowing its exhaust on Christmas Eve. An examination showed that the clamps had disintegrated. With no auto-part stores open a temporary repair was put into...
  17. S1MPO

    A4 B8 1.8 TFSI Performance Parts

    Hi, I’m a new owner of a A4 B8 1.8TFSI and I’m looking to remap the car to stage 2. However, I’m looking for performance parts such as intake, downpipe etc. But the only ones I can find are for the 2.0 TFSI. Would these fit my car? If not do you have any suggestions where I could find parts...
  18. Daggerit

    For Sale 2017 B9 S4 Avant

    Hey guys, Just putting this one out there in case there happens to be anyone looking for a car like mine so that I can potentially fund a new motorcycle. [emoji4] Since there's apparently no 'S' orders being taken until Q2 of 2019 it might be a chance to get into an S4 before then if you're...
  19. W

    RS3 Exhaust/sound issue

    I am hoping someone here has experience or has experienced the same issue. I have a stock exhaust with a secondary cat bypass pipe. One day a week or so ago, my friend and I were leaving work, up the hill etc, the car is pretty loud and was banging more so than usual, as we came to a junction...
  20. D

    Rough idle and exhaust ticking when I stop the car

    I have an audi A3 2010 8PA 1.6 model, I have just purchased it and found the ideal to be constantly rough, I have changed the spark plugs, about to look at the coil pack and the HT plug leads next. Fingers crossed this sorts it, any other suggestions welcome?? Car also does a lot of heat...