1. 5

    Facelift Sports exhaust - choosing the right part problem for sedan (DAZA)

    Hello RS3 sisters and brothers :) I bought recently RS3 2017 sedan. Unfortunately it has standard exhaust and I would like to swap it for oem sports exhaust. I found few aftermarket exhausts but the problem is the part number/choosing right part by photo. What part number is the proper one for...
  2. KevyD77

    Hilarious Fake Exhaust Trims on 8Y :-)

    So I'm pretty sure it's not just me who has looked at their S-Line "exhausts" and laughed out loud, and THEN looked underneath so realise that in the Winter, you are going to have steam (on cold start) coming from the right SIDE of the back bumper, LOL. My question is, does anyone know if the...
  3. Panther black RS3

    RS3 virgin

    Just got my dream car, 2019 RS3 Sportback. Exhaust sound is nice at times, but nothing compared to pre 2018. No pops and bangs. I'm considering adding a Milltek exhaust setup Cat-back - Non-Resonated with Cerakote Black Trims - RS3 - Sportback 400PS (8V MQB - Facelift Only) - OPF/GPF Models -...
  4. TomDM7359

    PFL cold start left exhaust rattle

    This is going to be hard to explain so bare with me. I got my RS3 last year and I seem to get awful, metallic, tangy exhaust rattle coming out of the left (passenger) side exhaust for about 20-30 seconds. This only occurs from a COLD start. Any other time it’s absolutely fine. I’ve taken it to...
  5. S

    Aftermarket exhausts for 1.8 TFSI non-existent?!

    After searching and searching, I can find now Cat Back systems for the A3 8V 1.8TFSI. It's like this model just had no after market exhasusts created for it... I can find exhausts for the 1.4 tfsi, 1.8TSI (which must be nearly idenitcal?), just not my exact model. Has anyone fitted an after...
  6. Will.T

    S3 standard exhaust system. HELP!!!!!

    Hi everyone, Having an absolute mare trying to find a full system. Story is, my car has an aftermarket exhaust on with no catalytic converter. I had the car mot'd and I naively thought I'd get it through as my brother in law works in the garage but obviously it failed on emissions. Everything...
  7. N

    Wanted S3 8P Sportback BCS/Cobra Exhaust

    Hi guys, I’m after an aftermarket exhaust turbo back, preferably decat but not overly fussed, for a S3 Sportback (8P) preferably BCS or Cobra. Willing to settle for scorpion but I’m staying away from Milltek. If you guys have anything for sale or anything that’s coming off the car soon, let me...
  8. J

    Wanted s4 b9 Exhaust/Intake Wanted

    any aftermarket exhaust systems for sale or induction kits, cheaper the better
  9. EddieRS3

    So I went to Infinit Performance.....

    I've not been on the forum for a while but just happened to read through yesterday and felt I needed to post this really. I've had my car tweaked at Infinit, facelift RS3 (18) and the service has been absolutely second to none. I actually went to see him after the original Boycott page was...
  10. George_P

    Exhaust system

    After 1 years and 8 months of owning FL s3 hatchback I have decided to upgrade stock exhaust. Dont mind the performance but would like to get the sound. Before you all slate me here, I know there are loads of posts here. Can you recommend something that won't break my bank account and add some...
  11. E

    A6 Allroad Bitdi - Rear Diffuser Help

    Hello, I have 2014 A6 Allroad, i am wanting to fit an RS6 style rear diffuser. Does anyone know if this would be possible or has been done? Or even if anyone has done an exhaust tip change? Any advice appreciated
  12. Les.Tansey

    S4 B6 Stage 2 Remap with Crackles & Pops and Milltek Non-Resonated Cat Back Exhaust

    Hi guys and girls, I'm Les, I drive a manual Goodwood Green S4 B6 Avant, I've had it almost 3 years now and absolutely love the thing! I'm looking for some advice on Remaps mainly, but I'd be really happy if I could get all of the work in the title done under one roof at a resonable price but...
  13. A

    S5 2017-2019 stock exhaust options

    Hi Guys, Hello from a newcomer to the forum and maybe S5 owner soon. Question: was there only 1 stock exhaust in S5 B9, pre-facelift ie. 2017-2019? And is it the standard stock exhaust which has active valves? Or, perhaps like for RS5, was there an optional "Sport exhaust system" for S5 too...
  14. R

    Sounds a bit dull..

    So just picked up my 2.0T 252 quattro and loving it. Hard to fault it really. It's no V6, but the sound from it is just so...., so...., boring. Even my old B7 2.0T sounded way better. Ok, I could add some monstrous exhaust but I reckon it would be overkill for all I want. To me it just needs a...
  15. W

    Custom cat back rasp under load

    Hey all I had a custom cat back install on my A4 b8 avant1.8tfsi i went for a smaller middle box because I didn't want it too loud and remove it entirely. my question is is it ment make a raspy/tinny sound under load it sound nice just cruising around but as soon as you boot it it's a...
  16. Tristan

    For Sale Rs3 facelift daza milltek non resonated catback exhaust.

    For sale is a milltek non resonated catback for rs3 facelift daza. Works with stock valves. Taken off a stage 2+ being put back to stock so have many engine/chassis parts of the highest quality available. 1100 or nearest for the milltek catback
  17. S

    Exhaust advice

    Hi lads I have a 3” downpipe and sports cat that tapers down to 2.5” and sleeves into a 2.75” Milltek with a reducer. So the whole exhaust system goes from 3” to 2.5” to 2.75” which is a bit of a bottleneck. Is this okay or should I consider changing the set up?
  18. Joe_Murphy21187

    For Sale A4 B7 3.0 TDI S/S Exhaust

    Cat-back 316 stainless steel custom exhaust for a 2007 Audi A4 B7 3.0TDI Cabriolet. Originally made by 'Wright Brothers Autos' in Nottingham and was used on my car for ~3 years until it was removed prior to being part exchanged. It's been hung in my garage ever since and is now getting in the...
  19. R

    Need help with exhaust

    I currently own a Audi A3 2007 1.6 petrol, I want to put on a s3 back box or exhaust. want to know if it will fit straight on or do I need to do other stuff?
  20. N

    New to the club! Got some questions!

    Hey guys, My name is Nelly!*Glad to be a part of the community! I just got a 2011 A1 and looking to do some modding to it. My first mod is wanting to change it to quad exhaust like the S1. I know I have to change the diffuser as well, but my question is do I have to change the bumper too? Or...