1. yoursixx

    99 A3 Quattro LHD exhaust pipe from manifold. OEM style. A few questions and turbo questions as a bonus.

    So my flex pipe broke. I have removed the exhaust system (OEM with a cat back stainless ). And it seems like I need to drop the sub-frame as stated here. I replaced the rack a few years back so the bolts should not be a problem so get loose .I did not replace them. I don't want to push my luck...
  2. MattA38P

    A3 8P TDI (170) Custom BCS/Powervalve exhaust

    So I had Dave Pike at Powervalve make me a custom cat-back exhaust for my TDI (170) (CBBB engine code). It sounds lovely… especially for a TDI. No tractor noise, very subtle lower tone and no drone noise on the motorway. Can definitely hear a nicer sound in the higher revs and it also feels a...
  3. T

    B8 Downpipe Install

    Hey Guys, I currently have an Audi A4 B8 2.0TDI. Car currently has a full 2.5" line with a gutted DPF installed. Would anyone know exactly whats entailed to replace the DPF with a new downpipe from say darkside developments for example. I thought it was just 3/4 bolts holding it in along with...
  4. T

    Exhaust mods for 1.6TDI

    Can anyone recommend a good sounding exhaust mod for a 1.6TDI? It's my second car and I would like it to sound deeper and a little louder. I don't want it to sound too loud or obnoxious. Thanks.
  5. palmgrooves

    Ceramic vs. Metallic core catalyst

    So I'm having a chat with my mate about cats. He insists that you can just bash out a metallic core cat and to check any TFSI forums. However, when I look down my *ina special sports cat, it's clearly metallic, it feels solid that any poking at it will only bend the rolled up sheet of metal...
  6. dTrey03

    Facelift RS3 exhaust help

    Hi! What is the difference between RS3 rs sport exhaust and the standard non sport exhaust? Is it just the midpipe with the catback or is the rear box/ muffler also different layout inside?
  7. dTrey03

    OPF RS3 Help

    Hi! I bought an OPF RS3 with standard non sport exhaust. My friend is giving me his rs sport exhaust he took off, from his 2017 rs3 with no opf, as he upgraded his system. Now, can I install my rs sport exhaust on my opf rs3 without any problems that will occur?
  8. S3_XBT

    S3 Exhausts

    Hi all, I own a 2003 S3 with the 225 BAM engine, I have a K&N cone filter which sounds nice when you left off whilst on boost. However I want the car to be a bit louder so exhaust is the next move, I was wondering if getting a back box delete with twin 3” pipes would do the trick. I don’t want...
  9. L

    s3 style Diffuser

    Hi all, after scrolling through countless fb marketplace ads, google, ebay, gumtree etc. and ordering the wrong diffuser, I’m now trying to seek help here. I have an A3 2013 SE and I’ve installed a new exhaust with twin exits (one on each side). I’ve been told that an S3 diffuser will fit but...
  10. C

    Wanted B8/B8.5 s4 BCS Backboxes

    Please contact me if you are willing to ship to Canada, I will pay the delivery fee.
  11. S

    audi a6 c6 2.0 tdi

    does anyone know a good uk road legal stage 2 exhaust that will increase bhp on my Audi a6 2007 2.0 tdi saloon
  12. audiA7kidd

    A7 3.0 TDI 2013 Duel Back Box Delete

    Hello fellow Audi lovers, I’m looking at moving on to my next project which is to delete both back boxes and patch with straight pipes on my A7. Any recommendations on garages that can do this? I’m based in Salisbury so anything nearby would be great, Southampton, Winchester, Bournemouth...
  13. M

    Stage 2

    Hello I have a 2007 S3 8p that’s stock I was thinking about putting it to stage 2 but my car is high mileage(100k+) looking for any advice also can someone recommend an exhaust system for the car on stock like to make it sound more aggressive. Thank you
  14. 5

    Facelift Sports exhaust - choosing the right part problem for sedan (DAZA)

    Hello RS3 sisters and brothers :) I bought recently RS3 2017 sedan. Unfortunately it has standard exhaust and I would like to swap it for oem sports exhaust. I found few aftermarket exhausts but the problem is the part number/choosing right part by photo. What part number is the proper one for...
  15. KevyD77

    Hilarious Fake Exhaust Trims on 8Y :-)

    So I'm pretty sure it's not just me who has looked at their S-Line "exhausts" and laughed out loud, and THEN looked underneath so realise that in the Winter, you are going to have steam (on cold start) coming from the right SIDE of the back bumper, LOL. My question is, does anyone know if the...
  16. Panther black RS3

    RS3 virgin

    Just got my dream car, 2019 RS3 Sportback. Exhaust sound is nice at times, but nothing compared to pre 2018. No pops and bangs. I'm considering adding a Milltek exhaust setup Cat-back - Non-Resonated with Cerakote Black Trims - RS3 - Sportback 400PS (8V MQB - Facelift Only) - OPF/GPF Models -...
  17. TomDM7359

    PFL cold start left exhaust rattle

    This is going to be hard to explain so bare with me. I got my RS3 last year and I seem to get awful, metallic, tangy exhaust rattle coming out of the left (passenger) side exhaust for about 20-30 seconds. This only occurs from a COLD start. Any other time it’s absolutely fine. I’ve taken it to...
  18. S

    Aftermarket exhausts for 1.8 TFSI non-existent?!

    After searching and searching, I can find now Cat Back systems for the A3 8V 1.8TFSI. It's like this model just had no after market exhasusts created for it... I can find exhausts for the 1.4 tfsi, 1.8TSI (which must be nearly idenitcal?), just not my exact model. Has anyone fitted an after...
  19. Will.T

    S3 standard exhaust system. HELP!!!!!

    Hi everyone, Having an absolute mare trying to find a full system. Story is, my car has an aftermarket exhaust on with no catalytic converter. I had the car mot'd and I naively thought I'd get it through as my brother in law works in the garage but obviously it failed on emissions. Everything...
  20. N

    Wanted S3 8P Sportback BCS/Cobra Exhaust

    Hi guys, I’m after an aftermarket exhaust turbo back, preferably decat but not overly fussed, for a S3 Sportback (8P) preferably BCS or Cobra. Willing to settle for scorpion but I’m staying away from Milltek. If you guys have anything for sale or anything that’s coming off the car soon, let me...