exhaust size

  1. Z

    Audi A4 1.8T Exhaust

    Just looking for some advise on exhausts for my A4 1.8T B8. All i want is to have a deeper sound to the car and no cracks or bangs. Im not looking for any performance gains as my remap will be enough for me. I have thought about the rear muffler delete but not sure if this would give the drone...
  2. craigt1985

    S3 8L 3" Exhaust

    I've just sold my Milltek and i'm looking for a freer flowing, larger 3"/76mm cat back exhaust. I've currently been looking at the Zinram offering: https://www.fahrzeugtechnik-zinram.de/epages/61798191.sf/de_DE/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61798191/Products/AGA_S3_8L_76 Or the non res cat back version...
  3. J-Doggz

    Downpipe Reducer?

    Hi Guys, I have purchased the Militek De-Catted Downpipe, I want to fit this to the stock exhaust set up on the S1. Militek have advised me that I need a reducer but they are unsure of the stock piping size. Does anyone know what the stock diameter of the exhaust size is?? I know the downpipe...