exhaust flaps

  1. A

    2019 S3 8V Exhaust No Flaps?

    So I have just become an owner of a used 2019 S3 8V in Tokyo, Japan. After so many people have posted their mods to disable the exhaust flap I tried to do the same and to my horror I cannot find the wiring to the flap actuator?! See pictures of my catback here, are most people's looking...
  2. fire_up_the_quatrro

    Sold Cete Active Valve Controller (AVC) S3/RS3 (8V)

    Cete Active Valve Controller - under eight months old. Only selling due to no longer needed for my S3 RRP of around £410 - looking for £330 delivered. Info here, this is the new revision that can also be disabled and re-enabled by holding down the stop start button for 5 seconds (should you...
  3. T-Rex

    ASR exhaust valve delete plugs for 2020 RS3

    Any one have any experience with the ASR exhaust valve delete plugs for an OPF RS3? Seen a few posts of them throwing fault codes and making the motor reduce power (limp mode). These were very old posts though so would love to find out if this is still the case.
  4. M

    Rs3 exhaust rattle issue Valve 8p

    hello dears I’m running a 2012 8p Rs3 and have a rattle sound in the exhaust. This due to the axes of the valve.... I guess. 1 is there a thread with a solution for this? Others than new oem part or after market... just solving the original part? 2 I installed a pipe replacing the original...
  5. G

    Exhaust valve mod - alternative

    I was looking through this thread: https://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/s5-exhaust-valve-mod.327005/ I gave the mod a go and it works great (no more single black pipe and better sound - did seem to get better over time too which was odd). When I scanned the car (ODBEleven) I saw the error...
  6. itsPaz_

    S3 Exhaust Valves

    So I followed the method of putting the car in Sport/Dynamic and then turning the car off. I unplugged the exhaust valves and then went for a drive. I feel like there is absolutely no difference in sound at all.. to the point where I think I may have even closed the valves rather than...
  7. G

    S5 exhaust flaps & Scandinavian rear lights

    Hi guy's, I get my first Audi in March and I'm looking for ways to personalise it. I've went for an S5 Sportback and it's in the process of being built just now but I'm looking for some info on the exhaust flaps and the Scandinavian rear lights mod. I've searched through the forums but can't...