1. Dylan Johnson

    Has anybody used this diagnostics tool or know if they work?

    I need to reset some lights in my car (abs, traction control, power steering).. VCDS is too expensive for 1 time use so I took it to a garage which used a tool which looked exactly like this. I know for 03+ Audi you need a VagCom cable to code stuff to the car but all I need is to just reset...
  2. E

    Audi A4 tick / scratching noise, parking brake fault

    So I picked up my 2011 Audi A4 Avant last week, and it's been an extremely good car. The car has followed service intervals, and has current gone about 86,000 km ≈ 53,000 miles. The other day, I got a warning message on the center driver display. However, the message disappeared as fast as it...
  3. daleyarrow

    Parking Brake, ESP and ABS Fault

    Hi Guys, I was driving in to work today when the dashboard 'lit up' for want of a better word, cycling through messages for a parking brake fault, electronic stability program fault and anti-lock braking system fault before settling on the parking brake fault. Got into work and parked up...
  4. R

    Help needed! attempted instrument cluster replacement has caused lots of problems!!!

    I tried to replace the instrument cluster on my Audi a3 so (2004) as the clock wasn't working (!). the replacement was slightly the wrong type (type d instead of f). car wouldn't start due to anti theft, so I removed the new cluster and replaced the old one. since then power steering and esp...