engine failure

  1. A

    Help Please CAHA engine swap

    Morning all, after pouring a small fortune into my 2.0 tdi b8 quattro after the hpfp failed I'm now back to square 1 as aux belt snapped with failure of power steering pump and belt got into timing and jumped who knows how many teeth, I've retimed and have no compression at all so guessing...
  2. Garagista

    HELP: Unknown engine failure after starter motor fire (B8.5)

    Hi All, Well this is a first post. I've perused this site for a long time and purchased my S5 on the back of a lot of what is said, and what is not said about the S5. Such as the engines are bullet proof. I have a late 2014 B8.5 S5. So my issue is as follows: I was driving down the motorway...
  3. S

    Another 2.0T FSI CCZA Timing Chain Tensioner Advice Thread..

    Hello everyone I know there are a few of these threads already knocking around, so apologies for that. I have reviewed them and have a few more questions. The car in question is a 2010 Audi A3 2.0T FSI (CCZA) with 47,300 miles on the odometer. I purchased the car on 8 June with 46,131 miles on...