1. 8lgang96

    Audi a3 8l speaker cables massacre!! (Help)

    Im losing it, i bought a oem Audi head unit because it doesnt have a stock one right now! And when i remove that piece of crap headunit, my eyes died, what i need help with is what cable goes where which one is + and - . This car got oem bose amp in the rear and i want it all to work, what i...
  2. M

    Car dying and resetting

    Hi Guys, I’m hoping someone can point me in the right direction, on 3 different occasions I’ve turned my key to turn the car over but before it can even reach the first ‘point’ of the key turn where it just turns on everything electrical like the radio the dash goes dead for a few seconds...
  3. Will1893

    3.2 V6 Electrical problems!!

    So I've struggling to find the cause of some problems for a while now. The car is a 2005 A3 3.2 V6 Quattro Sport 8P1. Here are problems and some information: Reverse light doesn't work (bulb is good, no warning on dash, when I put in a new bulb a bulb out warning came up on the dash so I...
  4. R

    Frustrating 3.2l V6 Battery Drain HELP!

    Hi Guys, Recently I went to turn over the motor in the morning as usual and central locking was a non starter, battery out of the boot and would you know it, dead as a doornail. Fully charged the battery up and put back in the car, low and behold dead after 24hrs. Realised the glove box light...
  5. R

    ccm Module power issues!!!

    Good afternoon! I have a 2013 A6 S-line black edition I keep having an error code for my ccm module terminal 30 open circuit I have checked all the wiring from the fuse box to the ccm module and all the contacts are fine and getting good voltage and the ground connection is good. if I...
  6. GJGT A3

    Guide me home lights

    Hi All, I have an a3 8p without sensors. I was just wondering if its possible to retrofit guide me home lights? If so what do I need and how do I do it. Cheers
  7. Stecon

    A3 tdi 2.0 dash lights

    Hi all I’ve been rebuilding an A3 2.0 tdi Quattro 2005 and I’m struggling to find the fault in the dash lights When I turn the ignition on everything lights up nice but when I start the engine it all goes dark all the back lighting behind the clocks, radio and the climate control and the...
  8. Will1893

    Bulb warning lights but bulbs are working

    So recently got a new car. Audi A3 2005 3.2l V6 Quattro manual 3dr. I believe it's the 8P1 chassis but could be wrong. So everytime I start the car (without the headlights on) it says I have a rear bulb out, usually the right but sometimes the left or both, when actually they are both working...
  9. R

    Help Please Audi A4 B8 1.8 TFSI Broken connector/wire front cover of engine

    Hi there, new to the forums. I've owned this Audi A4 b8 1.8 TFSI 2008 for 3 years now bought second hand from a dealer. I have only noticed this until recently. There is a wire that seems to be broken off the front engine side. I have no idea what it is and what its for and if its effecting my...
  10. Emir Demirovski

    Electrical help !

    Hi, so i'm trying to fit these el wire lights to the doors but i can't find a 12v source. Does anyone know where in the door harness i can splice into to get 12V ? Thank you.
  11. TakeItApart

    1 Fault Found

    I recently installed a set of leather heated seats in my Audi A3 8V 2015. The seats went in without a problem. I noticed they had an extra connector which turned out to be for heaters within the seats. As I'm sure many of you will appreciate, having an unused connector hanging around under the...
  12. S3 Hilife

    Injector open circuit fault (multiple)

    Hi guys, I’m in need of some help with this fault. It started just over a year ago when I got the first open circuit fault on injector #2 at WOT. I reset it and checked the injector plugs etc but everything looked okay. It didn’t come back for some time so I put it down to a poor electrical...
  13. AliiiB

    Puddle Light Mess Up

    i was installing the led projector replacements for the puddle lights. driver side completely fine while doing the passenger side I tested to see which wire went where (+ve -ve) and the led came on, i installed it that way and nothing happened, i switched them around and nothin occured, so i...
  14. benjamin0000

    Wire and Inverter

    Where should I connect an inverter and leisure battery to? The Terminals under the hood, the battery in the rear, or the Fuse Board? I have an A6 C6 3.2 fsi Ta very much
  15. jupst

    Electrical Fault - Possibly ECU - Sad Face

    Hello! Audi A3 Sport - 2.0 TFSI - 2006 - Automatic A few months ago, the DIS display in the centre of the instrument panel went blank for a few seconds, then came back on - and it had reset itself to the default display (miles left in tank). Over the weeks, this has been happening more and...
  16. CountryGent

    Rear O/S Light Cluster Issue

    Ok, so I took the Quattro to have the wheel alignment done (I will update my thread on that shortly). I had the lights on auto and whilst the car was on the ramp the lights came on. Well all apart from the rear o/s light cluster with the indicator, reverse and taill lights. No problems I...
  17. KLBC

    Bulkhead and ECU/Relay box full of water

    So I came out to my car the other morning to find the rear brake lights on and the fans running, jumped in the car and tried starting it up, absolutely dead but obviously the battery was dead, got the battery charged enough but still no luck getting it started, RAC came out fixed it roadside by...
  18. Cheeks

    Aftermarket head unit - volume issues

    So ages ago I changed the concert stereo on my A3 to an alpine (wanted Bluetooth and USB) A few adaptors and YouTube tutorials later it was good to go! ...apart from a really annoying and odd issue. When I get in the car and drive about it seems to be quiet and not much coming from rear/sub...