1. dp_motley

    Please share your 1.5/35TFSI dyno graph - stock and re-mapped, plz

    Hello. My car was re-mapped (ECU and TCU) last summer. There was no dyno at the dealers who flashed a new map from a reputable local (DK) supplier. The car felt more alive, but I expected more torque in low-mid range of revs. Also I liked numbers so I ran a dyno test later and was disappointed...
  2. Son of the liberty

    Facelift What do new S3’s dyno at? Also Dyno day?

    As the title really. just wondering what the real world numbers are. Also anyone fancy a dyno day in Scotland? I’m happy to arrange one if there’s interest
  3. NoGGy

    Dyno Run - Lost my old map! :(

    Hi All, I ran my car on a dyno a couple of days ago and was presented with some pretty interesting results. I am pretty annoyed, but also curious as to what I can do about it (if anything). I have an Audi A3 (2010) 2.0 TDI - 170bhp, which I had remapped around 2 years ago with Viezu tuning...
  4. S

    Remap Advice

    Looking at getting my s3 remapped and have been looking at a few different companies, the one thing that appears to be unclear, is whether a rolling road / dyno is worth having? I have read mixed things but it appears to be biased based on what setup they have, revo say it's pub figures and...
  5. Inertiauk

    Rolling Road Day at Riverside, Speke, Liverpool (Magazine covered)

    I've organised a rolling road / power run day at Riverside Racing in Speke. Its not strictly VAG, there will be other cars, but lots of VAG cars. Audi Tuner Magazine are Launching a new magazine called VAG Tuner in June this year. They will be present on this rolling road day and will feature...