1. Junc11Quattro

    Fresh Face!!

    Greetings to all of my Audi-sport.net family! New to the site! I own a beautiful Dolphin Grey B7 A4 Cabriolet 3.0 V6 TDI Quattro. (My Babes) hahahaha Done just over 90k, has every option and FSH. Drives like a dream. It's gonna be a small project over a while so hopefully you guys can stay...
  2. M

    Wanted A4 DTM - Preferably Sprint Blue.

    Looking for an A4 DTM, preferably sprint blue with Xenon and Bose. But open to offers. Thanks for looking!
  3. DTM Tom

    New member - Youth with a DTM

    Proud owner of this 50k DTM awesome spec and the lowest mileage one I've seen for a few years. I'm 19 years old but owned it since I was 18. Been restoring it to a good condition slowly due to illness but its due to be on the road in January. So far.. Full Service with uprated plugs Cambelt and...
  4. motoriety

    HELP! Need to find the correct springs for my 2008 A4 DTM

    TLDR; I need to find the correct stock springs for my A4 DTM. Chassis No: WUAZZZ8E88A801088 Engine No: BWE043658 Here's the long story: I began my DTM Saga in January 2017. I purchased a reasonably-priced low-mileage car which had some modifications including Eibach lowering springs. I drove...
  5. motoriety

    A4 DTM Stock Springs Part #?

    Hi All, Does anyone know what the part numbers for front/rear springs are for a 2007 DTM? I recently bought one on lowering springs (too low for my taste) and would like to bring it back to factory spec. Thanks for the help!