dsg issues

  1. M

    Type of DSG in new Audi A3 1.5 TFSI

    Hi guys, I went today to see and get prices on a new Audi A3 S line 1.5 TFSI S-tronic (7-Speed). I really liked the car even though is above my budget ( I might need to change my budget ). Both inside and outside are great for me. One question I have is about the DSG. I know for low torque...
  2. Steven Teixeira

    Gearbox, nothing happening

    Hi there, new member here. I recently bought this 2011B8S4 with a engine problem, none runner, standing for 8 months, i never drove the car, had bearings replaced, according to the previous owner it was driving fine. Problem is there is no gears what so ever, there is also no codes for the...
  3. Forbzeeee

    S-Tronic Gearbox Failed (DSG Issues)

    Hi all, I had the dreaded news that my gearbox has failed and needs to be replaced. Car is out of warranty (2015 S3 - 40k miles) and has been modified to stage 2 with a TCU tune. Not sure if this contributed to it or not but I know that i will need to pay out a lot of money. Symptoms -...
  4. YaYoA38P

    AUDI A3 2.0tdi 8P DSG s line 2009 PRNDS + comfort module

    Hi All, 1)I have problem in my AUDI with PRNDS - flashing on my dash board but does not have any influence on driving. I can drive with not problem. Went for ECU check and it shows TPS Transmission Position Gear Leaver Sensor. Can you help me please. Some garages says that it is gear box oil...
  5. H

    Audi S3 8p DSG - not selecting gear - help

    Hi guys, Long time lurker!!! Finally bought my dream car however the DSG has given up. Its not selecting any gear , can anyone recommend a good specialist? i am based near west Yorkshire but can always put it on a trailer to get it done properly. any advice what could be causing this would...