drive select

  1. P

    B8.5 Allroad 2.0 TFSI 225 S-Tronic

    Hi guys, Quick question. So, this 2014 Allroad 2.0 TFSI 225 S-tronic has SatNav, Drive Select button and Dynamic Steering. Can i assume with certain that it also has Adaptive Suspension, or it is still an optional, that may or may not be there, regarding the above optionals included? Thanks!
  2. 420S3

    S3 8V drive select not available

    Hi all, I have a audi s3 8v that is missing the drive select feature, its greyed out on screen and the Drive Select button doesn't do anything. I took it to a coding guy who tried fixing it but couldn't as he said the mmi has been refitted and will need flashing to s3 firmware. Is there...
  3. 420S3

    Audi S3 missing drive select & stop start

    Hi all, So I recently (2 weeks ago) bought a s3 8v that is remapped to stage 2, the car drives beautifully and sounds amazing however a few issues the guy told me was due to the remap I dont think are anything to do with that now. When I bought the car I got the tyres replaced a day later the...
  4. Alexey

    Facelift A3 2.0 tfsi quattro retrofit S3 rear diff with quattro mode select option

    Hi guys. I need your help. I'm trying to find any information about the possibility of coding an option "quattro mode" in Drive Select. I realized that this option at least needs a sport differential from s3. That is, I have to replace my differential FM0 to FN0 but I do not know in which...
  5. Callum Jarvis

    Audi Drive Select Issue

    Hi Guys and Gals! Just noticed that my Effienxh mode on my Q2 is missing...I had it there on my A3 A1 and on my parents Q7 you know if this can be coded?? Is anyone else having this issue? If it’s even an issue :( I’m aware this is the A3 forum but you guys are a lot more...
  6. R

    Drive Select and Alarm

    Hi guys, Does anyone know exactly what each drive select mode does? Also what’s the rough MPG difference between eco and comfort? Does anyone know how good the alarms are on the S3’s? Cheers, Renox
  7. J

    Drive Select retrofit: only Auto & Individual options?

    Hi all, I've just retrofitted Drive Select button and after coding I only have to options: Individual & Auto... I was expecting 4? The car is a 2015 S4 B8.5? Is this correct or have I missed something whilst coding? Cheers
  8. A

    2018 S3 individual quattro drive select settings

    Hey guys, Just a quick question about the quattro options on the individual setting on drive select on my 2018 S3 FL. Does putting quattro into dynamic mean it’s permanently 50/50 front rear distribution (until you lose traction)? So would putting quattro into dynamic be better for when it...
  9. Bonstio

    Facelift Drive Select on startup

    Hello. When I start the car, it shows the mode in use when I turned the engine off which is normally dynamic. However, it's quite apparent that the car is not really in dynamic mode. This means I have to hit the drive select button 4 or 5 times to cycle through all the modes until I'm back at...