1. L

    Coding autobrake and DIS view

    Hi guys, I am the new owner of the a4 b9 from 2018. The car is absolutely great and despite the fact that it is less equipped than the previous Škoda Superb, every journey is a joy for me! But I am missing a few things. I've done a lot of things like Autohold, line assist, or automatic high...
  2. T

    Wrong Steering Wheel for DIS

    Hello, I did search the forums for a similar case but couldn't find anything! I've come to realise that I have the wrong steering wheel for my 2016 S3. The steering wheel I have fitted is for a virtual cockpits (view button instead of menu) and the wiper stick also does not have buttons to...
  3. J

    Help - A4 b7 TPMS tyre pressure monitoring retrofit issues

    Hi all Following guilds and a bit of research I have retrofitted; DIS Cruise control Highline steering control module Direct TPMS Fitting the hardware was easy enough and the coding was reasonably straight forward, however I'm not completely finish as I've a couple of problems. DIS- no...
  4. MP1979

    A5 Sportback 2014. Driver Info System. Missing Information

    I have a 2014 A5 2.0 Tdi SE Quattro, sportback variant. The vehicle has Adaptive Cruise Control and MMI and Tyre Pressure Monitoring. The colour DIS display is located in between the two dials on the dashboard. In its normal display there is a digital speedometer below is a line of user...
  5. dacm

    Cruise control coding issue

    Hi All, I've read all the guides and info available here on cruise control and DIS retrofitting, and I went ahead and did it myself today. I'm having trouble with the coding portion of the process unfortunately, and I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. The problem occurs during the...
  6. A

    DIS coding problem

    Hi, needing a little help. I picked up and audi a3 8p 1.9tdi 2008 facelift It didn't have DIS or Cruise control, i have installed the correct stalks, Wiper 8P0953519E 2012 Indicator 8P0953513D 2009 and coded with vcds, cruise control works fine, but when I tried to code DIS steering wheel...
  7. T

    Blank 'Driver assistance' screen in DIS

    The very last menu option in my DIS is for Driver Assistance, yet it seems to serve no purpose what so ever and is blank (similar to attached image) I have a MY2017 A4 S-Line S-Tronic with Tech Pack, no other options. I don't have any driver assist features so why is there a screen that serves...
  8. jupst

    Electrical Fault - Possibly ECU - Sad Face

    Hello! Audi A3 Sport - 2.0 TFSI - 2006 - Automatic A few months ago, the DIS display in the centre of the instrument panel went blank for a few seconds, then came back on - and it had reset itself to the default display (miles left in tank). Over the weeks, this has been happening more and...
  9. Krash

    Time on Digital Speedometer (DIS)

    The Digital Speedomoter is the default view on my DIS and of course you can scroll down through dates, mpg, rage, etc. Everything, it seems, except the Time - which you need to move over to the "Onboard Computer" view for. Okay, fair enough. But on that view you can't get the speedo.... Does...
  10. F

    MPG readout?

    Hi everyone, Just recently got my A3 58 plate 1.6. Unfortunately when testing out the car I didn't think to check how to see information such as MPG, AVG speed, etc. Currently the only information seen on the screens in the instrument panel is the time on the left hand side. Mileage on the...
  11. M

    Coding DIS for an auto DSG audi a3

    Hi, I recently bought a 54 plate Audi A3 (PRE FACELIFT), there is a screen in the center of the speedo and rev meter, and in there it shows the outside temperature and the gear selected, pictograph of the car if any door is open and the top section is for any sensor errors. there is a empty...
  12. A

    Retrofitting cruise control + DIS - A4 B7

    Looking for some help , tried upgrading to cruise and dis but after changing the coding they still both won't work. Has anyone got any ideas ? Followed this guide : http://www.audi-sport.net/xf/threads/cruise-control-installation-guide.191791/
  13. Uzzykhan


    Hi, Just bought an Audi A3 8p 55' plate SE 1.9TDi model. The red LED screen between the Rev gauge and the speedometer does not light up at all. I think it's called the DIS. Where it should display the MPG and what not. Can someone tell me if this model does not have it built in or is there a...