1. S

    A3 Sportback Diffuser fit?

    Hello everyone, I own a 2006 A3 Sportback ( I believe its the s line bumper ) pictured below. I fould a diffuser on sale ( From an S3 ) and i wonder if this could be fitted on my bumper or would i need a new bumper? Photos posted below. Thanks
  2. Q

    A3 S line rear diffuser pre face lift to face lift

    Hi all, I’ve just recently bought a 2013 Audi a3 s-line. Because it’s 2013 it’s obviously preface lift. I was wondering, if I could fit the face lift rear diffuser onto my preface lift rear bumper. I’ve seen on here people have said that the face lift entire rear bumper fits on the preface lift...
  3. Nordica38pa

    Diffuser problems

    Hey! Just bought a pre facelift s-line that is missing the towing cover and trim piece. Finding it hard to find this piece so any tips on where to source it would be appreciated. If it is very expensive I have thought about just getting a second hand facelift bumper from the junkers or maybe...
  4. L

    s3 style Diffuser

    Hi all, after scrolling through countless fb marketplace ads, google, ebay, gumtree etc. and ordering the wrong diffuser, I’m now trying to seek help here. I have an A3 2013 SE and I’ve installed a new exhaust with twin exits (one on each side). I’ve been told that an S3 diffuser will fit but...
  5. B

    can you fit RS3 or S3 rear diffuser on S-line 8V PFL??

    hello, I'm am looking at putting an diffuser on my A3 8v S-line PFL is it possible to fit an RS3 or S3 rear diffuser or would I need a new bumper?
  6. P

    Rear s3 bumper trim patt number

    Hi all Just a new owner of a 8v a3 sportback , searching for parts:) Looked at many rear bumpers, especially s3 ones, little more beautiful than the sline, almost all of them have their alu trim that goes from edge to edge damaged, is there any part number for this to ask at the dealer for a new...
  7. E

    A6 Allroad Bitdi - Rear Diffuser Help

    Hello, I have 2014 A6 Allroad, i am wanting to fit an RS6 style rear diffuser. Does anyone know if this would be possible or has been done? Or even if anyone has done an exhaust tip change? Any advice appreciated
  8. Christian Espinosa

    Does 5 Door S3 8v Diffuser fits 3 Door?

    Im Currently on search for some carbon fiber diff for my S3 hatchback, I have only found Sportback options on AliExpress, Is it going to fit mine?
  9. J10NMM

    Rear diffusers

    Anyone fitted a new style rear diffuser to their avant? looking at what is currently out there?
  10. nyrikki

    Facelift A3 single exhaust on each side

    Hey guys, fist post and a newbie here... I have a question, does anyone know where can you get this rear diffuser for A3 8V Sportback? I suppose it's not genuine?
  11. gussyldr

    Saloon Diffuser

    Hi all does anyone know where I can purchase this diffuser from ive asked the person that posted the picture but they don’t know
  12. A

    Wanted S4 b8 Diffuser

    Hi, I'm on the look out for a S4 B8 diffuser to go on my s line. If anyone has one for sale, let me know. Thanks:icon thumright:
  13. Harry P

    S3 diffuser

    I got my s3 diffuser today however there is a trim peace round the top of the diffuser that covers holes etc. I’m not sure where to find this or what is is called also when looking for a diffuser it seemed they where always taken off, I was hoping someone could give me some more information on...
  14. Harry P

    Wanted 8v PARTS WANTED

    Hi everyone I have a 5 door s line facelift Sportback and I am looking for a s3 rear diffuser to fit. I'm assuming ill be needing a 2016 and onwards diffuser so if anyone has one for sale or knows any one could you let me know! preferably Cheshire or Shropshire area. thank you.
  15. J

    Audi S3 sportback 8p quad diffuser

    Hi guys, I’ve had a look through the search option on the website and can’t see anything about fitting a diffuser with space for quad tips to the s3 sportback facelift rear bumper so apologies if this has been asked before. Il be changing the exhaust over the next few months and would like a...
  16. Adi-M

    Facelift Audi S3 8V FL Saloon Mods - Res Delete, Body kit & More!

    Right, so i have owned my S3 for just over 3 weeks now, and i absolutely love it! Could not be happier. (had my deposit down on a VW GTI performance but found this beauty at the last second so cancelled the GTI and went for this - probably one of the best decisions i have ever made) Anyway, i...
  17. Wing Lun

    Rear Diffuser Gloss Black

    I want to ask has anybody painted their rear diffuser gloss black? The OEM ones are the grey abs plastic and I feel it needs a shine to it :yes: I know this does not appeal to S-Line trim. I've been quoted £150 for the respray, however what do you think, is it worth it or will it look good?
  18. D

    S3 hatchback diffuser on sportback

    Hi all, First time poster here. My question is simple, yet apparently Audi Denmark can’t help me out :) Does a rear diffuser (lower part of rear bumper) from a 3 door hatchback fit on a 5 door hatchback (sportback) ? Model is a 2015 8V. Thanks a lot all!
  19. T


    Hi, Could anyone help source a genuine rear bumper diffuser for 2.0 TFSI with one exhaust either side. Required for 2017 Avant S-Line Trying to avoid the stealers !
  20. PeterT

    S7 rear valence/ diffuser

    Any ideas guys where i can purchase a S7 rear valence/ diffuser for a 2011 A7 similar to this? I'm guessing it'll be the same fit for the A7 as the S7. I found a nice one on ebay that encases the exhausts but is £300+ inc P&P :huh: