1. Lowered


    H&R lowering springs still bedding in. Stance is looking good.
  2. soofiRS

    Sold Audi RS5 4.2 FSI V8 (2011) - FDSH, Cobra tracker, 2 owners, 74k

    With the current climate and having been working from home since March, I have decided to put my car up for sale. It has rarely had any use maybe 200 miles since March. I cannot justify keeping it when I also have a wedding coming up next year to pay for. No expense has been spared during my...
  3. D

    Daytona Grey Paint Correction

    Hello All, I've ordered a Daytona Grey A4 Avant, as you can appreciate sometimes even new cars come with minor marring and imperfections. What compounds/polishes and pads do you recommend for a DA polisher ? New to Audi paint so thought I'd ask people who've been there and done it. I've asked...
  4. DeckedS3

    SQ5 2018 SQ5

    Bit the bullet last weekend and ordered a new SQ5. Took it for a test drive a few weeks back. It drove nice, lacked a bit of power but to be expected I guess. Bolted a some nice extras and expecting it to be delivered sometime in February or sooner. Anyone else got one or waiting for theirs...
  5. Shortyian

    Summer Autoglym Super Resin Polish & HD Wax

    Just finished giving him summer polish & wax - an awful lot of elbow grease but very happy with results!!! Products used: Autoglym Super Resin Polish Autoglym HD Wax
  6. G

    Geoff's B9 S4 Avant Thread

    Picked up my S4 Avant today, thankfully no problems at the collection and local Audi garage looked after me well. Very pleased with the car so far, I'll post a quick recap of spec and some initial thoughts after the all important first photographs.