daytona gray

  1. Speckers

    Daytona Grey Maxton aero kit fitted

  2. Speckers

    Hello …

    Just saying hello to the community. New S1 owner in Cambridgeshire, great site.
  3. At work just lowered

    At work just lowered

    First day with the lowering springs
  4. Lowered


    H&R lowering springs still bedding in. Stance is looking good.
  5. 1Form Bronze

    1Form Bronze

    New 1mFrom Edition 1 18’ Bronze.
  6. Out side work my daily

    Out side work my daily

    New wheels before lowering springs
  7. S

    Sadly selling my S4 B9 Avant

    The sad time has come where I am selling my S4 B9 Avant. After 4 years of loving ownership, I am selling and moving to BMW with an M340I Touring. I'd have happily stayed with Audi if it wasn't for the, frankly ridiculous, decision of changing to a diesel. Not particularly fond of the touch...
  8. N

    Facelift Audi A3 Black Edition - Glacier White or Daytona Grey - aargh!

    Hi, I'm about to be a first time Audi owner after years of VWs. Two new A3 Black Editions are on their way to the local dealership and the dealership is letting me have the choice of either: a Glacier White arriving in 2 weeks a Daytona Gray arriving end-January I might have chosen the...
  9. A

    Sportback Mileage Muncher RS3 8v1

    Hi all, Interested to get other owner/enthusiast opinion on this. Had my pride and joy (RS3 8v1) just over a year now. Bought it June 2018 with 27500 on the clock and in my opinion really well specced out. Currently car has somewhere around 45000 on clock and I am loving it and planning on...
  10. I_am_pilgrim

    Detailing/cleaning brand new s3

    Hi everyone, I picked up my brand new s3 on Friday and I couldn’t be happier with it :thumbs up: After the rainy Friday and Sunday that we saw in Birmingham, it’s quite dirty already. I can’t jet wash the car myself (I live in an apartment) so I’ll have to take it to be cleaned. Is it...
  11. S

    Saying Hi

    Hi All, I've recently ordered my Audi S4 Avant with an approximate delivery of the beginning of March. Unfortunately I'm skiing until the 3rd of March so it means I'll likely have to wait until the 10th to collect my new beauty. This also happens to be my 30th birthday, so it'll be a cracking...
  12. yyuksel

    My S4 with Rohana RC7 19x9.5's in Machined Silver...

    I finally decided on the wheels for my beautiful S4. I went with the Rohana RC7's in machined Silver. Its a square setup with 19x9.5 +33 Offset. Used the stock tires. Winter tires will go on the stock wheels. The car is also lowered with the H&R Sport Springs. ( I have adaptive suspension...
  13. yyuksel

    Yanki's B9 S4 Daytona Gray Sedan Thread

    I've ordered a 2018 S4 Technik in Daytona Gray with the following options... 8W2X4A - S4 3.0T Technik quattro 8sp Tiptronic AU - Magma Red PDU - Advanced Driver Assistance Package 6W3 - Front License Plate Holder MET - Metallic/Pearl Effect Paint 5MK - Carbon Atlas, Inlays PC2 - Red Brake...