1. M

    Dashcam Installation

    I’ve bought a Nextbase Dashcam for my wife’s A1 and I was wondering which fuse is the best one to connect it to? Has anyone else hardwired one of these?
  2. David Marsh

    Dash cam hard wire installation company

    Hi guys. Just bought 64 plate 1.6tdi and I want a front and rear dash cam installed. Can anyone recommend a good company in the North West? I'm a bit clumsy when it comes to electrics and don't want to do a botched job. Any help/advise/info will be greatly received.
  3. V

    Dashcam Power Options

    Hi, just became an owner of an S5 and looking to fit an existing dashcam (Blackvue 650) that I took out of my previous car. Wanted to know how people with dashcams in the B9's are powering it, I'd like to have the parking mode recording function and not sure if it requires a Battery Back like...
  4. N

    Q5 2019 Q5 Dashcam Install (Blackview)

    Hello! I recently took delivery of my new Q5, and I am looking to install a Blackview 750 S Front and rear camera in it. I have bene looking at getting it installed and doing a DIY approach and from the Blackview videos its looks fairly simple. Has anyone installed the camera + hardwire or...
  5. AudiA4B596

    Remote Heating / Blackvue dashcam charging - Fuses in A3 etron

    Hi guys, Wondering if there's anyone on here that knows about the fuses in the A3 etron 2018? I've got a Blackvue Dashcam and Ultra Power battery setup and its all up and running, charging whilst driving, and so always on 24/7 (Parking mode), and it will last for 2-4 days. I've currently got...
  6. R

    Dash Cam/park mode issues

    I have and Audi A1 S Line 1.4, 66 plate I've recently had a Blackvue DR590W-2CH camera fitted by a local auto fit company with power magic for park mode and 32GB memory card. The camera runs for so long in park mode and then shuts off completely, not being activated by motion or impact as it...
  7. Dusty Des

    Dash cam

    Getting my 2015 A5 sportback on Monday :-) I have spent hours looking for a dash cam to fit. Wanted on the unit is Wifi, parking mode, mobile app, front and rear cameras and small. Looking at the Thinkware F770 2CH Front & Rear DashCam I have read wifi can interfere with the cars wifi ?? Has...
  8. Jayaraj

    Audi Genuine UTR

    I have UTR fitted in my new Q5 (2018) by the local Audi dealer, its taken a day and half to complete. All seems working OK but there is no back camera recording found on the SD card. I can see the live rear view on my mobile but have no idea how to get the recorded rear view clips. Has anyone...
  9. Kalashnikov

    Dash-cam to Mirror wiring loom.

    Hi sorry to post such thread when i know there has been discussion on this already. but i was curious to watch this video and that make my buying decision of a dash-cam easier. Can i really do this, is there any adverse effect on the brains ECU Sensors.... Any ideas on the steps ? Does...
  10. Headzup

    Dashcam - ability to use the front/rear and/or 360 camera pack?

    Have been wondering for a while if there’s any way to use the built in camera’s as a ‘dashcam’?? Having the front and rear (and side) camera’s and given the car has a built in Hard Drive... it must be possible somehow. Also with the built in SIM and the MMI Connect app, you could/should be able...
  11. J Law

    Blackvue Dashcam - Which Fuses?

    Hi - This is my first post here, and I am the lucky new owner of a 2018 S5. I have purchased a BlackVue dashcam, with a Power Magic Pro (for parking mode) to fit to the car. I have already fitted one to my old car and my partners, but finding a suitable fuse to piggyback off is proving...
  12. B

    Rear dashcam cable routing in an S3 (2006)

    Hi I’m looking to install a two camera dash-cam system in my 2006 S3. The car is immaculate, it’s my pride and joy, so don’t want to: a] have unsightly cables b] mess to things up :) I’ve had a poke around here, and on the web generally for some instructions/advice, can’t find anything that...
  13. ChieftainA3

    Discreet Dashcams...

    We've probably all seen those video's on youtube where there's a discreet dashcam behind the viewing mirror, guy takes the car to the garage and the engineer (if you can call them that) takes the car for a 'test' drive and ends up razzing it around for miles. Only to be caught out by the good...
  14. Ramayya

    Reputable Dashcam Fitter in Aberdeen Area

    Anybody know any reputable dashcam fitter or someone that is willing to fit one, for a price, around Aberdeen area? Looking to get a Blackvue or similar, hardwired to the car using the Magic Pro Box I presume? I got an 8V S3
  15. M

    Fitting 2-channel dashcam. How do I remove Sportback boot trim?

    I've done a few searches but can't find any how-tos... I'm looking at fitting my new 2-channel dashcam in the next few days and wondered if anyone knows how to remove the boot lid trim. I want to use the rubber conduit to keep the install as discrete as possible. I know I have to unscrew two...
  16. D

    B9 and Blackvue

    I've recently purchased a B9 S4 Avant as a move from my Q5 Sline Plus. In my Q5 I have a Blackvue DRW-650 2 channel dash cam mounted. The front camera sits under the console that holds the rear view mirror. With the introduction of the pre-sense camera I assume this mounting position will...
  17. D

    Audi A4 Saloon B9 - Switched Live for Dashcam

    Hi all. I just installed my Transcend DP200 Dashcam into my my 2016 B9 A4 Saloon. It took a lot of trial and error to find a switched live fuse in the passenger footwell as obvious ones like sockets and engine functions were always live but E1(ignition coils, 20A) is a switched live so the...