cruise control

  1. Audi98

    Cruise control retrofit

    Hi is anyone able to code in Cruise control in a 2010 Audi A3 in the W Midlands area?
  2. jason15300

    Facelift Cruise Control not working after changing key batteries

    Hi All, I understand there are countless topics on this however most cruise control topics are regarding ACC, my Audi A3 only has the basic cruise control with no radar unit. A bit of background info: This morning (around 10:00) my key fob were showing low battery, I had popped to the shops...
  3. lleiro

    Another CC retrofit thread if I may...

    Hi everyone. I am closing up on retrofitting a cruise control on my 05. Explored all the options, I was quoted £250+ to have it done, (can't do) I was quoted £118 for the stalk alone (nope)... and I ended up getting the whole Stalk set and the cowling for £40 off a salvage yard and I went for...
  4. AlexTr

    Switch off rear wheals using cruise control

    Hi everyone! Could someone help me.. I have info, that using cruise contol and it is connectod to fuse 41 some how, when you reach some speed(e.g. 50mph) - then 44 fuse could be disconnected.. Could someone share info?
  5. N

    AUDI A4 B6 Cruise control NEED HELP

    Hello i need help i fittet a CC stalk and a SCSM or whats it called from another car. Now when i follow the steps to coding i cant code the ABS it just keeps saying 0000 when i try to code it. Also it makes a fault on the sterring wheel sensor.
  6. G

    Non virtual Cockpit Cruise Control problem

    Hi, Please can someone with a non virtual cockpit car advise if their cruise control still has the 'switching off temporarily' function as described in the manual? It is the standard cruise and not the adaptive version. I used to set the cruise control speed and push the lever halfway forward...
  7. A


    Hey guys. I've just retrofitted the MFSW and CC to my Audi A3 8p Quattro late 2005. The steering wheel buttons works fine however the cruise control is being a pain! I get the following error: logincode not accepted by controller! You will have to turn ignition off before trying again. Error 22...
  8. Z

    Audi A4 B8 Cruise Control

    I have an Audi A4 B8 and i have retrofitted cruise control (8K0953568F), I have programmed in Engine 01 and Steering Wheel 16 however my cruise control does still not work. Any help?!
  9. J

    Help - A4 b7 TPMS tyre pressure monitoring retrofit issues

    Hi all Following guilds and a bit of research I have retrofitted; DIS Cruise control Highline steering control module Direct TPMS Fitting the hardware was easy enough and the coding was reasonably straight forward, however I'm not completely finish as I've a couple of problems. DIS- no...
  10. K

    Cruise Control Retrofit ComplicationsA3 8P

    Hi all, I've been messing with fitting cruise control to my Audi A3 8P. I have had to fit the cruise wire and change the steering wheel module from 8P0-953-549 to 8P0-953-549-B as well as changing the stalk over. Once all back together the cruise control worked as intended but I had the normal...
  11. M

    Cruise Control Retrofit Coding

    Hi Guys. I recently retrofitted cruise control To my A3 8V Sline. Ive tried coding it with my VCDS to the two modules (Steering wheel And Instruments) but when i try to code it into my engine module it throws up a glow plug light on my dash and the comes up as a fault code, ive tried many little...
  12. dacm

    Cruise control coding issue

    Hi All, I've read all the guides and info available here on cruise control and DIS retrofitting, and I went ahead and did it myself today. I'm having trouble with the coding portion of the process unfortunately, and I cannot figure out what I'm doing wrong. The problem occurs during the...
  13. A

    DIS coding problem

    Hi, needing a little help. I picked up and audi a3 8p 1.9tdi 2008 facelift It didn't have DIS or Cruise control, i have installed the correct stalks, Wiper 8P0953519E 2012 Indicator 8P0953513D 2009 and coded with vcds, cruise control works fine, but when I tried to code DIS steering wheel...
  14. H

    Which parts for cruise

    Hi, Could anyone explain to me which part do I need to buy to install cruise control in my A5?, there is a couple of tutorials over the internet on HOW to do it, however, I'm not sure which part/part number I'm after. I have A5, 2.oT, 2010, with multifunction steering wheel vin =...
  15. A

    Audi S3 saloon cruise control not working all the time.

    Morning Guys, Weird issue.... did a forum and Google search but nothing really. My cruise control doesn't always work. This is an issue that' gradually got worse in last couple months. Sometimes cruise control turns on.... other times nothing.... no green light nothing. No error codes either...
  16. D

    Cruise control retrofit help needed

    Hi all, Can anyone help me with the correct stalks and lower cowling to fit a 2004 3 door 3.2 a3, 8p0 054 690 and 8p0 953 512a? I read that I'll need the extra cable from ecu to blue thing but will I also need a new steering module for cruise control to work perfectly? If so which module and...
  17. B

    A5 mods

    Hi all, My brother has just purchased an A5 cabriolet Quattro auto 2.0 FSi on a 13 plate and was wondering if he could have a reversing camera and cruise control fitted. He's near Basildon in Essex. Also which remap is better, revo or AMD? Any ideas? Ta
  18. H

    Audi a5 retrofit

    Hi, i've got 2010 2.0 tfsi audi a5 with multi functional steering wheel. Could you guys advise which parts should i buy? Would set like this be enough...
  19. A

    Can anyone Retrofit cruise control - Oxfordshire area?

    Audi A3 2.0 TDI 8P Needs coding too. Thanks
  20. B

    Retrofit cruise control & parking sensors

    Hi, had my A1 2013 S line for a couple of months, I was looking at possibly getting cruise control and parking sensors fitted. I'm based in Kent, does anyone have any idea how much it should cost to get them fitted? I would like a price for each individually done and a price for both. Many thanks