1. AS-A4Cab

    Jobs to do with rocker cover off?

    Hello all! I've got a BFB 1.8t A4 (B7). I think I need to replace my rocker cover (oil in the coil pack area, slightly lumpy idle). Any jobs that are worth doing while I'm there? Car is a 2007, and almost everything looks to be original - so happy to refresh what I can while I'm there...
  2. TheJuanAndOnly

    Red Engine Cover?

    I've seen a few pics on here now of some red engine trim/covers, are these buyable or have they just been made custom by the individuals?
  3. Jay_78

    Passenger Fog Light Grille Surround

    Hi All, I am trying to find a replacement grille surround for passenger side fog light on my Audi A4 Avant. I have the ones with chrome surround around fog light. Have been looking online but practically everything I see is from China which leaves me a bit sceptical of quality/fitment etc. Can...
  4. A

    A6 C7 3.0 TDI Valve Cover Seals Leak

    Hi All, I noticed I slight hissing from my engine bay at idle and, upon having a look today, have found that both sides appear to be leaking oil at what looks like the value covers. Can anyone confirm if this is a usual problem on this car and how easy it is to sort? The hissing appears...
  5. KrisKrk

    Parcel boot cover rattle

    Does your parcel boot cover rattle? Meaning, not the cover itself but the hooks that latch in the groves by the tailgate. I tried to stick some thin foam padded bits but after a while of silence, foam got worn out and rattle came back. Any permanent or longer lasting solution?
  6. Cairnsy13

    S3 Key Cover

    I'm looking at getting another key cover for when my S3 arrives, the same as the one on my A1 key pictured. Can anyone confirm the keys are the same as the A1 and so they cover should fit? It's a MY16 build so I'm not sure if keys are different between builds etc!
  7. Foyaz

    Audi a5 s line side mirror cover install

    Hi guys, So I've been looking online for the past few weeks on how to swap out the a5 side mirrors for some s5 mirror housings thay I purchased. Found a couple guides but they vary on some of the steps. I tried following them myself and got to the part where I'm meant to lift of the case. I...