1. R

    S4 reliability @ 80-100k+ miles (inc. sport diff/ADS)

    Hi everyone, As a serial BMW driver and hopefully soon to-be S4 owner, I thought it was time I made an appearance here. I’m looking to get a B8 S4 Avant manual, although the S5 V8 is still tempting... I’ve read loads of S4 threads here, on Pistonheads and elsewhere, but most of these seem to...
  2. Jake95

    S3 running costs

    Hi guys, was wondering if anyone had any advice on running costs for a S3. I will be doing up to 17k miles a year for work etc. A fair bit of rush hour commuting included in that mileage for work.
  3. ohmyaudi

    Cost to fit RS grill and splitter

    As the title suggests just wondering how much people are paying to get the RS grill fitted, and also a maxton front splitter? I'm aware the splitter is pretty easy to do but I don't have a proper Jack or anyway to do it.
  4. TomBlueS3

    REVO remap...cost!

    Hi all, I’ve decided after much thought I plan to get my car mapped by REVO. Revo on their website have the map for £600 and with the Black Friday deal it came it at £510 - awesome I thought so I have contacted my local dealer who told me the cost is £720? Is this right? Are the dealers meant...
  5. Adomas G

    Potential A5 buyer- few questions.

    Hello all! I am a current 2006 A3 2.0 TDi owner and am looking to upgrade to something sportier and quicker in the near future. While my choice was between C6 A6 Avant and A5 coupe, I chose A5- it looks inarguably sportier, plus there will always be a time for Avant once I have a family It's...
  6. S

    A3 1.8TFSI Vs 2.0 TDI

    I'm currently looking to buy an Audi A3, choice is between the 1.8 TFSI and 2.0 TDI 170 bhp. A lot of stuff going on with diesels but any pointers into which one to buy. Currently In second year of driving regularly use motorways and a bit of town driving. Running cost difference, power...
  7. recomdos

    A3 second service (40k)

    Hi all, I tried searching on here before posting but using my phone and wasn't getting anything concrete. In short, my Mrs' 15 plate A3 2.0 s line, is due its second service (racked up 40k miles). Dealer has quoted £750 (I don't know the breakdown of what has been quoted) but that sounds...
  8. I

    Audi A3 TDI PD 2.0L 2006

    Hi, I have a Audi A3 TDI PD 2.0L 2006 and need the cambelt changed. I have looked on Audi web site and and here are the costs: Audi Dealer Fixed Price - Cam belt with water pump - £599 - £430.18 What and where would you suggest I get this work done? I live...
  9. Max Ruddock

    Audi A3 BKD 140 Clutch/DMF Replacement Cost

    Hi all, Managed to get a Sachs DMF/Clutch/CSC for £377. Looking for somewhere to fit it (am in Essex but can travel further afield). What sort of price would I be looking at? And any recommendations? It's for my aging 54 plate A3 BKD 140 - now with 120k miles on the original clutch. Clutch is...