1. S


    Soo I thought I can figure this out and I just made it worse. Just recieved my OBDeleven and I done a scam found a code that didnt clear I tried to reset to factory and lost navigation (navigation data invalid) driver assistance predictive route data signal error. Can anyone help or point me in...
  2. I

    Need help coding Comfort module correctly A4 B9

    Hi there, I tried to retrofit a reverse camera into my Audi A4 Avant B9 and at the coding part something went wrong and my DRL & Front Turn Signals stopped working, as well as the PDC system. I guess that the problem is related to the codification of the Comfort Module. As the only thing i...
  3. S

    Enabling Audi Sound System

    Hi, I have retrofitted the Audi Sound System sub and centre speaker to my 8V PFL and I have coded them in using my genuine copy of VCDS. However, I can’t see the sub controls in my MMI and I have been told that I also need to upload a profile using VCP to complete the retrofit. Is there...
  4. 420S3

    S3 8V drive select not available

    Hi all, I have a audi s3 8v that is missing the drive select feature, its greyed out on screen and the Drive Select button doesn't do anything. I took it to a coding guy who tried fixing it but couldn't as he said the mmi has been refitted and will need flashing to s3 firmware. Is there...
  5. jwhat

    What tool for coding some retrofits

    I've got a reverse camera, hill hold assist and driver assist parts coming for my 2017 Avant, what's the best thing to code them? VCDS, VCP or OBDeleven?
  6. sanmark

    Retrofit wireless charger

    Hello everyone, I managed to get a OEM wireless charger for my A3 (2017) and I was wondering does anyone knows the procedure for coding and activating.?
  7. Alexey

    Facelift A3 2.0 tfsi quattro retrofit S3 rear diff with quattro mode select option

    Hi guys. I need your help. I'm trying to find any information about the possibility of coding an option "quattro mode" in Drive Select. I realized that this option at least needs a sport differential from s3. That is, I have to replace my differential FM0 to FN0 but I do not know in which...
  8. A

    Sound system upgrade including B&O sub aftermarket amp and Focal speakers

    Hi folks, I'm most of the way through upgrading the infotainment system in my 64 plate sline convertible. So far: MiB 2 and screen upgrade by Audi Retrofits to give Android Auto etc Existing 8 speakers replaced with Focal PS 165s components Vibe powerbox 65.4 amp driven via high level speaker...
  9. shomi951

    Concert to BNS 5.0 low line

    Hello, I have a question regarding this retrofit upgrade to BNS 5.0, I have successfully installed, also I was added GPS antenna from aliexpress. But I don't coding anything, BNS 5.0 still working I don't have maps for my country and I don't have tested navigation yet. If I need something to...
  10. C

    Audi A4 B9 ECU Short Circuit

    Hi Guys, I'm new to the group. I've managed to diagnose that my ECU is blowing the fuse so my car in currently undriveable. I'm looking to replace the ECU with a refrubished part on eBay. Are any of you aware if i need to get the ECU recoded with my vehicles VIN number before it will work...
  11. A

    Audi A1 Bi Xenons Incorrect Beam Pattern

    Hey guys, i've seen it posted on here before but no one ever really, from what i can see, ended up giving a conclusive answer to the question. I've had bi xenons installed (retrofitted) onto my car and the beam pattern is incorrect, showing as left hand drive. i was wondering how i change it...
  12. Q

    Vagcom in Leeds/bradford

    Has any got a VCDS in the bradford Leeds areas? I need a scan of coding for the Headlight module.
  13. TorqueyDale

    Audi A3 8P Power Folding Mirror Coding

    Afternoon All, This is my first thread, so bare with me if something is slightly wrong... During the lockdown period I have retrofitted power folding mirrors to my 5dr A3 8P SB. I have sourced and fitted all the necessary parts including the 'P' spec door modules. The next step of this little...
  14. K

    Audi options coding

    Hi all, apologies as I know this question has appeared in numerous threads but am struggling to find a definitive answer. I have a 2017 A4 Avant Sport (slightly regret not getting the S-line but that’s an issue for another time) with numerous options but like almost all used A4s am missing most...
  15. S

    Apple Carplay activated and nice little options enabled

    I bought an Audi A7 3.0tdi Quattro 3 days ago and on the first night I was browsing this forum and stumbled upon the following topic: I contacted Alex from and asked him if he could do his...
  16. L

    Coding immobiliser to key and clocks

    Hi im in Nottingham/derby area and looking for someone to code my white led dis speedo to my car, anyone close by that can help?
  17. L

    Speedo upgrade

    Can the white led clocks with mfd from roughly a 61 plate be fitted into a 07 plate with out the mfd? I have vcds if need coding
  18. Can Akaltun

    Need Help! retro fitting lane assist for 2018 A3 8v Facelift Cabriolet

    I want to retrofit lane assist to my car. i have bought the camera 3Q0 980 654 G. i have bought the steering wheel column which supports lane assist and acc. (ACC will be future upgrade) for all these upgrades i have agreed with a local vag center. they are really the best in Turkey. they...
  19. M

    replacement CD changer problem

    The CD changer in my glovebox decided it was time to die. I have managed to obtain a replacement which when plugged in seemed to work. It loaded disks and ejected disks - so far so good. Unfortunately when trying to play the disk the problem became apparent. The disk starts to play, the time on...
  20. y15usf

    A3 8P - Facelift, VCDS Mods List - Add to the list :)

    Hi Guys, I am new to the vcds scene and just wanted to know / get a list of mods available for the a3 8P. I had seen a forum in the past but in the end it became a conversation about weather a3 has memory seats or not. I have done a few my self but being new i don't know what else i can do...