1. MikeBoiii286

    Hello From Ireland - A3 8V S-Line Scuba Blue

    Hey Everyone, Just giving a quick hello to the group as a new Audi owner :tongueout: Looking forward to adding a few things to it and a remap to it down the line. Next on my list is to add an RS3 style honeycomb grill.. Audi A3 2014 1.6TDI S-Line
  2. killfame

    S3 8L Chrome Mirrors - Quick Question

    Hi there to everyone! I bought and send a Chrome Mirrors to a friend for his S3 8L Facelift since someone has ripped off the original ones somewhere inbetween all the years and fitted A3 8L non facelift ones. LOL The main problem is that after they has been fitted from RHD to LHD the main...
  3. R

    Plastic Chrome cleaner/restorer for A3 front grill

    Hi I have an Audi A3 2011 plate. What detailing products have you used on the chrome part of the front grill please? I believe it's plastic... Reluctant to use Autosol Chrome polish as that's not to be used against plastic...
  4. D

    Grill surround removal Audi A3 8V

    Hi, I have a 2014 Audi A3 8V. I'm looking at de-chroming the grill surround I was wondering whether anyone knew how and if it was possible to remove the chrome surround and then replace it with a black version or wrap it similar to the black optics pack. Is it clipped into place or something...
  5. B

    Best way to turn chrome exterior trims black? Carbon Fibre Mods?

    Gents, me again. Looking to turn the chrome trims black. Any suggestions and is it possible to do a good job yourself? A guy with an S7, RAF_7, has done some spectacular mods to his S7 by turning his chrome black but would like some RS6 owners experience and advice. Are the trims riveted on...
  6. JayDizzle1991

    S3 8L Aluminium Mirror Screws

    Hello. Im wondering if anyone could point me in the direction to source the 3 screws to fit the aluminium mirror covers to my 02 S3. I have tried my local VW/Audi stealer but they said that the screws are not available because apparently the mirror is not designed for my car, even though i...
  7. Foyaz

    Audi a5 s line side mirror cover install

    Hi guys, So I've been looking online for the past few weeks on how to swap out the a5 side mirrors for some s5 mirror housings thay I purchased. Found a couple guides but they vary on some of the steps. I tried following them myself and got to the part where I'm meant to lift of the case. I...