1. audi8y2021

    Anyone else experiencing Sound Setting issues since new IOS update [Carplay]

    Hello all, I recently updated to the latest iOS and have noticed that I can no longer set the volume for my notifications and music separately. Previously, when I received a notification from Apple Maps, I could adjust the volume of that notification up or down, and after a short period, the...
  2. C

    Q3 Q3 reverse camera install confusion

    Hey - I’ve looked at a number of other threads and haven’t found the answer. I drive a 16 plate Q3, sline. I’ve got a CarPlay screen (not hardwired in to the MMI just a dash board model). It came with a reverse camera that I need to wire up. I already have a reverse camera on the car but it’s...
  3. H

    Q3 Android carplay activation in Q3 Sportback 2020

    Hello, I started my research lately to activate carplay in my car, so I was able to gather quite a lot of information but I'm not sure, if you can please guide me then let's start with the info of my vehicle: German Audi Q3 Sportback 2020 Version: MH2p_ER_AU_P2711 PR codes: attached USB...
  4. E

    For Sale Elite Carplay / Joyeauto MMI 2G Carplay / Android Auto unit

    Hi all, I have one of my Elite Carplay / Joyeauto MMI 2G Carplay / Android Auto unit's up for sale. This will the A4 / A5/ A6 / A8 with MMI 2G unit installed. Was installed in my Audi A4 with MMI 2G unit Supports wired and wireless Carplay and Android auto as well as USB media (USB stick...
  5. J

    Sound issue

    I have an A3 8V (2018), and I have an issue with the sound only when a phone is connected via the USB cable (apple CarPlay) The volume goes quieter once the bass drops on a song, and then loud again. It drives me crazy! The volume also doesn't seem to change once it goes past half way on the...
  6. T

    Help installing Apple Carplay in my A3 SE

    Hi everyone, I purchased an Audi A3 8P SE Sportback a couple days ago and would like to install Apple Carplay. I would like it to work with my steering wheel controls. I was looking at this unit...
  7. E

    Installing Joyeauto / Elite CarPlay MMI 2G kit

    Hey all, anyone had any experience installing a JOYEAUTO / Elite CarPlay kit for MMI 2G? I got a kit today, but noticed the kit has 2 pairs of CAN BUS wires, and not sure which pair I should be using as the digram suggests the pair which have a plug is not needed, but also says CAN 1 I should...
  8. BlakeS3

    Can I update to MIB2 if I have larger screen and USB port already so I can then get Apple Carplay?

    So I've got a Audi S3 8V its got navigation and tech pack so its got the larger higher quality screen, I really want the official apple car play and have read quite a few posts on here that have said its very costly to upgrade to MIB2 due to needing to change the screen, console stuff so you...
  9. E

    how to use wired carplay?

    Hi, I recently received an ad for a wireless carplay adapter.I haven't heard of this device before because I've never used carplay since I got my car in 2019. I try to connect my iphone with my a4l via usb cable but it fails to open carplay. Can anyone tell me how to use wired carplay first...
  10. D

    Audi A3 8V PFL CarPlay activation

    Hello Everyone, I am looking for some suggestions/support on recent retrofit on my Pre face lift(PFL) Audi A3 8V. I have got USB and MIB2 installed.(Car play Capable) Model: MIB HS Softwre running: MHS2_ER_AU_P2035 Part number: 81A 035 192 F I am after Maps as there is no SD card and wired...
  11. V

    Touchpad no longer working correctly (Carplay)

    I recently updated my iphone to the newest OS version (iOS15), yesterday I noticed that when I try to type in an address in Waze, Google maps, etc by using touchpad, it no longer gets input or instead shows chinese characters and other symbols. Touchpad works correctly in MMI, I tried hard...
  12. D

    Audi A3 8V Carplay

    2013 1.4 Tfsi A3 SportBack. I am planning on to add Apple Car Play . Just want some advice if the below module is worth or there is a better one out there for similar price. Link Thanks
  13. S

    Audi A6 2016 RMC Upgrade Options

    I have just purchased a 2016 Audi A6 S-Line Quattro. I love a lot about the car, and it’s a great drive! I’m just getting to know it inside out but the one thing I am not loving is the Sat Nav and Media options. I have looked up the software and it’s the RMC version with a 6.5” screen. My...
  14. joemethompson

    Enabling Navigation on MIB MMI

    Hey, just purchased my first Audi, 2014 A3. Really excited about owning this car, only downside is the navigation isn't enabled. I've read threads saying that you can take it to a dealer and pay 5 or £600. Which I don't want to do. Is there a way around this to install navigation on my car. I...
  15. GeoffDunk

    A8 D5 Wirless Apple CarPlay?

    Hi all, our latest D5 has arrived and the handbook suggests Wireless Apple CarPlay is available but can't seem to get it to work. Works fine when connected via cable. Any ideas or is it just not available on mine? It's an A8L D5 2019 50 TDI
  16. B_Elbon

    MIB Quadlock pins

    Managed to break the pins on the MIB unit within the quadlock on the back when trying to install car play retrofit. Is that the end for that unit or can I take the back part off to replace the broken pins? The infotainment won’t power up at all....
  17. D

    Android Auto/Carplay facelift retrofit

    Hello, I've recently bought my MY17 (2016) A3. I've found that I'm missing some things, so inmidiatelly started to look for it ;) In another topic I fight with Auto Hold, but here I would be very pleased if you will give me some informations about AA/Carplay retrofit. I bought that setup...
  18. N

    Facelift Wireless Apple CarPlay

    I'll start by stating that I'm usually very tech savvy. However... I'm new to Audi. Still finding my way around the MMI. Trying to work out shortcuts for the features I use most often as the non-touch screen can feel a bit inefficient at times. Anyway... the reason for this post is that I'd...
  19. H

    Apple Car play retrofit

    hi guys, Do you think it’s possible to install / retrofit Apple CarPlay in 2016 A7? Are there any kits available or any reliable and not too expensive companies to expertise to do it? Thanks again
  20. J

    CarPlay for older Audi A5?

    Good Afternoon all, So I was just doing some research but could not find a clear answer. I bought my Audi A5 2011 and realised that it does not have the MMI (which is not a big deal for me). I am looking to retrofit CarPlay system into my car whilst keeping the original screen. So my question...