1. H

    Pedestrian crash sensor - Airbag light

    Hi there, I have bought an a3 earlier this month but stupidly didn't realise it had an airbag warning light :sadlike:. I have scanned with Carista and looked up the vag codes, looks like these are the codes: 9450005 - Pedestrian Protection Crash Sensor (driver's side) B1032 15 [137]...
  2. C

    Fuel litera left in tank

    Hello, I used carista to enable the liters left in tank option but then i cant find it anywhere. The MMI setup has a new option for fuel left in tank ‘units’ to be used (liters, us galon, uk galon) But then little cluster doesnt display liters left. I tried cycling through all menus and tried...
  3. J10NMM

    Carista OBD2

    Who else has one and what do you think? For those that don't know - This What options do you recommend setting?
  4. Shakemagroovethangg

    Facelift Rear differential lock switch fault

    Hi everyone, Plugged in Carista and it has diagnosed my car with this fault - ABS 00298 Rear differential lock switch. I’ve reset the fault and given the car a good run including a couple of launches, it seems to be performing well but I hadn’t noticed any issues with the car before anyway. I...
  5. Sematic

    Help Please Service indicator days not resetting

    Ive searched high and low but i could do with help on the following: I took my car to audi for a service in January however at the start of this month the service due in 14900miles/30days popped up on the dash. It seems to be counting down the days. Furthermore i have booked it in to have MOT...
  6. ohmyaudi

    Valves stuck open with Carista

    Help! Just got my resonator delete done and I had the valves deactivated using Carista beta but now the combo is too droney at lower revs. I want to set my valves back to default however whatever I do in Carista doesn't work - they are still open permanently!
  7. Candell

    Carista or VCDS

    I am wanting to make a few mods to my B9 and have found either the VCDS system or Carista app. By all accounts, VCDS is a much more comprehensive system but costly. Carista is £30 for the adapter and £10 for a week app access to make the changes but limited to what the app has built in to it...