1. Bernaut

    Audi R8 Carbon

    Hello everybody! My nickname is Bernaut! I live in Europe in Czech Republic and i makecarbonfiber parts for my audi r8 2nd gen! I had just made new youtube channel on English language to show process and information how we do it! Thanks everybody nice to be part of all of you!
  2. DanielF

    Business Venture help

    Good evening All, I am looking to set up my own business with the overall aim to be creating visual car parts in a number with 3D printing and also potentially creating carbon fibre parts for both interior and exterior. I would appreciate peoples feedback whether they believe this would be a...
  3. Will Johnstone

    A4 b7 2.0 TDi 8ec 140hp 2005 - wont start

    If anyone can help with advice it is greatly appreciated. Been having some issues related to what felt like carbon build ups in egr and turbo, probably in breather tubes and exhaust as well. So I used some fuel additive to help clean it out a little in case there were any deposits in the fuel...
  4. J

    Audi S3 8P Spoiler advice

    Hi guys, Hoping someone can help me - I’m currently building my S3 and I’m looking for either a replacement carbon spoiler which is more aggressive or an add on which is carbon. All the ones I’ve found on eBay are not compatible with the S3 Sportback spoiler - so my question is, what spoiler...
  5. Silky67

    Eventuri carbon intake

    OMG this is car porn ... induction noise is to die for Highly recommended, 20 minute DIY install - 1 x torx & 1 x blade screwdriver, couldn’t be simpler.
  6. Shady0808

    AMD Carbon Clean

    Anyone had a Carbon Clean done by AMD? Got it up for £60 at the moment. What were your results like?
  7. R


    Hi Has anyone had a carbon clean done on their car and what benefits have you seen? My car isn't giving me any problems but the idea of paying £50 to get it cleaned seems like a great opportunity! Your thoughts please??? ''The engine carbon clean is a service to clean the inside if your...
  8. thatoneS3

    EMD Auto Pure Carbon Spoiler DIY Install Audi S3/A3

    It's pretty simple but I made a DIY for anyone who is looking to purchase/install EMD Auto's pure carbon spoiler for the S3/A3 models! If you have any questions feel free to ask! Hope this helps.
  9. Diddy2480

    B7 carbon clean what ive learned !

    Tools... Ones that are invaluable for this job.... wiha 300mm bit driver magnetic which helps alot available from screwfix i believe T30 obviously for most of the bolts 10mm socket along with the generic half inch drive triple square set these slot into the 10mm socket making it a thin...
  10. Haudi93

    Help Please.. Glow Plug lights flashing and in limp mode!

    So the past few weeks I thought my car was running a bit sluggish every now and again.. when the other day I was coming home from work and it was intermittently sluggish. Last night when coming home it was doing the same until suddenly it went into limp mode and the glow plug light started...
  11. festuc

    Facelift Inlays / Trim - Alu Ilumintated or CF...

    Hello, Anyone has photos of the inlays? I wanted to get the Carbon fiber ones, but it seems that only the Aluminium Race are iluminated plus they are a lot cheaper. Thanks!
  12. RAF_S7

    My S7, My Way

    Enjoy :racer:
  13. Rayner_1704

    Visual mods splitter and carbon

    hello i have a Daytona gray facelift S3 and I am trying to source a front splitter has anyone got one? and ideas or pictures of theirs? Also post post your pictures of any carbon, splitters, visual mods. I need some ideas Thanks
  14. Phenyl85

    Carbon fiber brake cooling modification

    Hi guys, I just wanted to show you what I've been up to lately. I've made an carbon air scoop to provide the brakes with more air so they will be cooled better. Mainly the RS3 has this problem, but also the TTRS doesn't have the most perfect OEM brakes (understatement). In the pictures below...
  15. Sean_

    Interior Mods - Show me what you got

    Chaps, I'm looking to upgrade and do a few mods for the interior of my B7, looking to see what's out there and whats been done. I have a few things lined up which I'm looking to do; Multi-function flat bottom (preferably off the S3 or TT with the round airbag) Alcantara trimmed Gear knob...
  16. F

    TFSI Carbon Clean

    Here's a pic of a mates engine. Its a MK6 Golf R with 41,000 miles. Same CDL as S3 Decoke carried out by our indy at AP Automotive in Telford. It certainly comes up well.