carbon fibre

  1. Tristan

    For Sale Eventuri stage 3 intake for daza facelift Rs3

    For sale I have a 10 day old stage 3 eventuri intake for 1350 or nearest offer. It is in immaculate condition and I am also breaking other premium engine bolt ons/ chassis bolt ons as I am looking to sell my car in factory form
  2. soofiRS

    Sold Audi RS5 4.2 FSI V8 (2011) - FDSH, Cobra tracker, 2 owners, 74k

    With the current climate and having been working from home since March, I have decided to put my car up for sale. It has rarely had any use maybe 200 miles since March. I cannot justify keeping it when I also have a wedding coming up next year to pay for. No expense has been spared during my...
  3. R

    Audi A5, Carbon fibre front lip

    Could anyone direct me to where I could find one of these if possible? Google is giving me a whole variety of options but none which are suitable
  4. Zeus12

    EVENTURI Carbon Fibre Air Intake Development

    Guys, Arguably one of the most aesthetic and highest performing intakes on the market is the fully carbon-fibre cold-air system from Eventuri: At present, Eventuri only produce an 8V PFL and FL version of this intake. In a couple of weeks time...
  5. JimmyQuattro

    Who’s got carbon!?

    So I’ve been looking at all the carbon goodies available for the S5 B9 and there’s so much choice and different manufacturers. Some stuff is priced five times identical stuff so... What’ve you got? Where’s it from? How does it fit? Pics or it’s not true! Look forward to seeing what comes up!
  6. A

    8V wing mirror cover removal

    thinking of buying carbon wing mirror covers for my A3 8v Sport but I’m wondering if there’s a way to remove the original covers without having to remove the actual glass mirror first? If you’ve replaced your mirror covers, how did you do it?
  7. V6_Man

    Has anyone used Raywell or DC Performance and their CF products

    Hi folks, I am looking for CF mirrors for my B8.5 S4 and was wondering if anyone has bought Raywell or DC Performance CF stuff? Are they good quality products? If not, any sellers you guys would recommend to buy CF mirror covers? Thanks, Tash
  8. autobunch

    Audi R8 Carbon Fiber Collection incl. V10 Style Side Blades, GT Style Wing, & V10 Style Side Skirts

    All Audi R8 carbon fiber accessories FOR SALE 2007,2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 models including fender lets, V10 style blades, paintable fiber glass blades, door trim for blades, 4pc door trim, 8pc door trim kit, door triangles, trim replacement, door...
  9. S1girl

    Carbon fibre wing mirror covers.

    Anyone interested in buying a pair of carbon fibre wing mirror covers for their Audi a3 8V? Will fit both the 3/5 door models. Lovely little update to the cars looks. Simply unclip the current wing mirror cover, and attach this one. They have only been on my car for 3 months, in perfect...
  10. B

    Best way to turn chrome exterior trims black? Carbon Fibre Mods?

    Gents, me again. Looking to turn the chrome trims black. Any suggestions and is it possible to do a good job yourself? A guy with an S7, RAF_7, has done some spectacular mods to his S7 by turning his chrome black but would like some RS6 owners experience and advice. Are the trims riveted on...
  11. AJ Jacob

    Carbon Fibre Laminating

    Guys, Anyone out there who is a professional or good at doing carbon laminating?