1. P.C.K

    The search for a normal car wash.

    Not sure if I should post it here or in the detailing chat. But anyway. I drove to Poland recently, and I remembered one beatiful (there are many) thing about my homeland. The car wash. Now, let me explain. Because what I classify as a car wash does not exist in the whole of England and I...
  2. B

    Hello everyone I am here for you

    Everyone hello, I am car electric from the Lithuania and fixing all kind of electric problems. I had fixed from gasoline, diesel till full electric cars. Also I have 5 years practice of car fixing. So if you want to ask some of questions.
  3. Alex TT

    Soft top care / cleaning

    What are your guys cleaning methods & products for the soft top? My top is in pretty good condition and I'm looking to keep it that way. Although I have noticed a little build up of algae which is hidden where the soft top meets the body of the car rear passenger side.
  4. C

    Recommended Detailer in the Sussex area?

    Hi guys, As with the thread title, hoping to take collection of a new car in the next few weeks and I was hoping someone could recommend a detailer for a new car protection in the Sussex area? I've used the search tool but couldn't find anything that related to my question so apologies if...
  5. U_Pharm1

    A1 insurance for 22 year old

    Hi there, I am looking for cheap insurance quotes for me to get insured on a 13 plate audi a1 s-line. the cheapest i have seen is £900 ish, i have 2 years NCD if that helps and i am 22 years old. if anyone can suggest some good companies that would be great! Thanks!
  6. V6_Man

    Suggestions please! A3 S-tronic Sportback - Diesel or Petrol

    Folks, I have been trying to search the complex world of web however, couldn't find a definitive answer so thought I'd ask you helpful lot! I have an A4 B7 (2.0 Tdi CVT 140bhp with 65k on the clock) that I want to sell and buy an A3 Sportback (this is not selling thread, at all). The A3 is...
  7. A

    Alloy Wheel Covers

    Hi guys, I’m new to the forum but hoping you can help. I attend a lot of track days and shows, I have several sets of wheels that I change on the car depending on if I am on a track, at a show or just on the road. I’m getting a little tired of the wheels that I’m storing or transporting...
  8. T

    US style cup holders

    Could any replace the standard cup holder for A3's (08-12) to the US version? What would the price (parts plus labour) be? I have linked a forum that explain what I am trying to say.
  9. R

    Audi B7 2.0T engine failures, quattro, Audi uk, engine Issues,

    Dear motoring world and all those concerned, my Audi problems. December 2014 I purchased car 1 privately a 2005 Audi A4 B7 2.0T s line tfsi on 92k miles, full Audi service history. I paid a reputable mecanic I’d used for eight years to change water pump , timing belt change and a full service...
  10. NatalieBx

    New S3

    So I've been offered a deal on an S3 I can have on 1st March, I just want to know if it's a good deal or if he's just trying to get the sale. I wanted a 3 year deal but he said a 4 year is better to keep the payments down, he also said set the mileage lower as it apparently doesn't make much...