cam chain tensioner oil pickup

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    1.8t cam chain tensioner

    Hello, Recently i have changed engine(ARX) oil for my audi, was using 5w40. During the maintenance car wasnt driven for about 2 weeks. After all I noticed rattling sound on the top of the engine(head cover) and huge vibration where chain is located. Rattling sound starts when car warms up and it...
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    2.0TFSI - Cam chain tensioner kit and revised oil pickup parts

    Afternoon all, Come payday this month I want to get my cam chain and tensioner replaced, and revised oil pickup fitted to my 2.0 TFSI (BUL) lump. I had a chat with a chap in the Audi parts department, and he sent me over this list of things I'll need for the job. Just wanted to check if the...