1. S3 TRS

    Good deals - Buying an S3 - Discounts

    Has anyone had really good PCP deals from anywhere they'd like to share? Looking to purchase a new 8Y S3 Saloon and looking for PCP finance quotes. Sorry if there's another thread, couldn't find one on my searches. Thanks Thom
  2. K

    Second hand A3 buying help

    Hi, I'm looking for some buying advice on second hand A3's, in particular between 2008 - 2010 . I've had a Mk4 Golf for the past 4 years and it's been a dream to run, but now with 230,000 miles I'm looking for an upgrade.. A3 range I'm looking at is 2008 - 2010, £6,000 budget roughly 80k...
  3. M

    WANTED Audi S3 with virtual cockpit

    Looking for a Audi S3 in blue or black under 43k mileage preferably 5 door may consider 4. Must haves: virtual cockpit B&O Auto Sensors looking to spend £22500 will consider other specs for right price but virtual is a must
  4. Adomas G

    Thinking of purchasing a high-mileage 3.0TDi Avant

    Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! I am a current owner of a 2006 A3 2.0TDi and am thinking of a small upgrade. Being obsessed with the C6 Avant as far as being a school lad, I have recently driven an '06 Audi A6 Avant 2.7TDi Quattro I am honestly impressed with the car overall...
  5. M

    Buying an a3 s-line with 115k miles? ADVICE PLEASE

    Hi everyone. I have recently seen an advert for a 13 plate a3 s line sportback 1.4 petrol for £8000. I have done an mot check on it and in 2016 the car had only done 19k and every year after was basically a 30k year for the car. My average mileage a year is under 6k so I wouldn’t be adding...
  6. Jake95

    Buying Advice on a Used Approved S3

    Hi there guys looking for advice on how much I should pay for the following spec car. Is used approved so understand will be more expensive than an independent dealer. Link to spec list below. Thanks in advance.
  7. snky1987

    (2012) A5 1.8 TFSI Multitronic opinions and buying tips please

    I am about to swap my 2012 A4 2.0 TDI CGLC (manual gearbox) 64k miles for 2012 (June 2012) A5 1.8 TFSI with Multitronic (VIN:WAUZZZ8T0CA035276) 52k miles. I am swapping because my car needs some extra "love" (money) to be put in and I found a pretty good offer on this A5 I mentioned. I heard a...
  8. Georgecohen

    Buying advice...

    Hi there, I’m in the market for a Audi s5 V8. My budget can stretch around about 11K. I have found two cars which both interest me, one being a high spec but will 80k miles, while the other being cheaper with 65k miles but has a lower spec (but also includes a milltex exhaust). I’m average...
  9. L

    S5/RS5 buying question

    Hi all - I must have spent hours trawling through this forum, other forums and just about any Audi site I could find... Now I figure I can't come to an answer so I wanted some advice... I'm looking to get back into an Audi having spent the last 2/3 years in a dad wagon SUV. While obviously I'd...
  10. J

    Advice on a used MK2 Audi TT Roadster

    Hi guys, So I bottled it when looking to lease a lovely Mk3 model last month. Since then I've been browsing the approved used market but today noticed this fella on Autotrader. Looks stunning with some nice extras however is that too cheap a price?? Any advice would be hugely appreciated...
  11. Cheeks

    Buying an S3 (possibly)

    so! I'm sick to death of fixing my A3 1.6... I understand that if I buy an old car it's bound to get a few issues, but I'm more willing to pay money towards something like an S3 rather than an A3 1.6 it jut doesn't feel like it's worth fixing. I'd just like to know what to look out for when...