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  1. Mr.Blonde

    Mk1 Buyers Guide

    Hi I Have not been on this forum in years since owning my A3,i now own a Clio 172 Cup and now looking to get a 225 Mk1 TT. So just looking if someone could point me in the right direction for a thread about buying a Mk1 please? Just out of interest an very old photo of my A3 1.8T and my Clio...
  2. L

    S5/RS5 buying question

    Hi all - I must have spent hours trawling through this forum, other forums and just about any Audi site I could find... Now I figure I can't come to an answer so I wanted some advice... I'm looking to get back into an Audi having spent the last 2/3 years in a dad wagon SUV. While obviously I'd...
  3. H

    S1 buying guide / advice ?

    Hi, I'm hoping to buy my first Audi this month and it will most likely be the S1. Most likely a 14/15 reg with around 20k miles. Does anyone have any advice for buying these, anything to look out for or common problems to check for before buying ? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks...