1. A

    AUDI A3 8P - esp button connector fallen behind dash

    Hi, new member, I decided to remove the trim on the front dash so I can access the buttons to remove the blank ones. This was to see if I can fit in aux button(cable included etc) for concert stereo I have seen a connector on eBay. However, my esp light is on the dash, so I thought maybe it...
  2. L

    Key cover A/S3

    A bit random and can’t find anything on it, the s3 comes with the boring, ugly, flip key. I don’t use it and it’s a pain when it unflips in my pocket. Are there any slimline key covers that will cover the Key/flip button essentially converting it to a keyless fob? TIA
  3. KrisKrk

    "Go to the top" button

    As per title, simple button at the bottom of each page. It would be nice touch, imho.
  4. a6southwest

    How does your power boot button work?

    Hi, new A6/C7 Avant 3.o quattro 2014 owner here, who is trying to teach his wife how to use the power boot opener (!). What happens when you press the exterior boot handle button on your cars? I ask as I can't work out a consistent method of opening the boot on mine! A quick squeeze of the...
  5. aoleks

    MMI buttons ridiculously expensive???

    I am looking to replace my radio unit buttons with the chrome version found on the facelift model. I already upgraded the AC unit ones by swaping them with the buttons from a new unit (unit was £20 on ebay, I just recycled the buttons). It looks gorgeous! I can not buy another radio unit, as...
  6. M

    sat nav button/cursor broken

    Hi this has come off, how can i put it back on properly, it wont rotate properly when i attach it back so I cant change tracks properly etc. Thanks.