1. S

    A1/S1 and aftermarket high-output headlight bulbs

    We've had high-output xenon bulbs (Osram Nightbreaker Unlimited/Laser) in several of our vehicles, including a Jag, Lexus and Mitsubishi. As such, I've been thinking I'll eventually have a pair put in my S1 as well. However, the owner of an independent Audi garage said some Audis have thrown...
  2. Moltentom

    LED Headlight help needed!!

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and was wondering if anyone could help. The sidelight/daytime running light recently went on my Audi (8v 2014). The issue is that the previous owner has retrofitted to the Hella LED headlights (picture attached) in which the sidelight isn't a bulb and is instead...
  3. Ike

    S3 front fog light bulb replacement (honeycomb grille)

    how on earth do you remove the s3 honeycomb fog light grilles? I've seen a pdf guide for s-line type and also some mentions of squeeze and release. with the honeycomb ones I can see what looks like a release (couple of cm wide and couple of mm high, just big enough for a flat-head screwdriver...
  4. D

    Instrument cluster indicator light problem?

    I have an issue on my 2009 A3 8P where the Green arrow light on the dashboard for my left indicator has stopped working. All other lights on the instrument cluster are working fine including the green arrow for indicating right. Can anyone tell me if this is as easy as removing the instrument...
  5. bobbytomorow

    How to change parking/indicator bulb?

    How do you access the parking bulb on a 2006 A3?
  6. S

    Xenon Bulbs Review (Philips vs Osram vs OEM)

    As the winter months come closer and the days get darker, I thought it would be a good idea to see what new xenon bulbs are currently out in the market. When it comes to xenon bulbs, they sure are not cheap but rather than finding the cheapest bulbs on eBay, which will last 3-6 months, why not...
  7. 8

    What xenon headlight bulb should I choose?

    One of my bulbs has started to turn purple/orange. After a year of flickering every now and then. So it's time for a new pair. As the title says, what's the best bulb and what colour to go for... I've been looking at osram night breakers or cool blue intense. Anyone had any experience with...
  8. E5 FUL

    Fuse number for interior lights

    Blown the fuse for the interior lights whilst fitting a new bulb. My car is an 2006 A3 8P 2.0 tdi sport. Tried searching through the forums/Google but couldn't really get a definite answer. Ta
  9. S

    Which headlight bulb do i need (picture enclosed)

    Hi, i know its probably been asked many times before, but i just want to make sure i get the right bulb for my a3. The image attached is from on top of the light it self. I have a feeling its a d3s bulb, but it does say 24w. which i take is 24 watts, but i can only see 35 att ones out there...