1. L

    Yellow oil light

    2.0 tdi brd pd170 yellow oil light has been coming on now for a while, oil is full every time. Today i took the cap off and the light went off which says to me pressure but the cap didnt blow out my hand or come off with force. Originally i thought it was a dodgy sensor before removing the cap...
  2. L

    Ko4 turbo upgrade

    My pd170 has gone in for turbo to be reconed with a hybrid billet based on a ko4, bored out inlet etc, i have decat, egr delete, stock intercooler & injectors, swirl flap delete, what sort of power would be achievable after a remap?
  3. L

    Pd170 brd mod options

    What are modification/tuning options on a brd? Ive so far done: De cat Dpf delete Egr delete Egr cooler delete Anything else i can do to tidy up the bay or any upgrades to keep me busy? Had a few pd130 & 40’s & seemed way more options available, not sure on what intercooler to use etc, i...
  4. L

    Difference between brd & bkd engine

    I have a bkd pd140 with a hybrid gt1756 Would this bolt on to my brd pd170? Are the heads different? Would the turbo cope?
  5. R

    DPF Forced Regen Safety - High particle filter load

    Hello all, Somewhat of a newcomer to audi-sport but definitely not to VAG and the various forums. I recently purchased an A4 Avant PD170. There's a noticeable stutter upon hard acceleration, which I highly suspected was a clogged up DPF. Within a few days of purchase, I saw a DPF warning...
  6. Rid

    2.0 Tdi 16V BRD Tandem pump full of oil

    Hi Suspecting that I'm getting oil into my fuel, I just pulled the tandem pump off with a plan to clean out & fit new seals. I was surprised to find the vac pump side awash with engine oil; so I figured the seals are well gone... or is this normal? Ian
  7. JRStone

    New to forum, same old issues B7 BRD

    Hello all! I have read quite a few threads of people with a similar problem to me, but there seems to be no definitive answer. I have a 2007 A4 2.0tdi quattro s line with engine code brd. Ever since I got it about a year ago it has smoked blue/white when warming up and has a terrible lumpy...
  8. L

    B7 2.0tdi brd 170 running problem

    Hi guys . This is my first ever post on this site so be gentle with me ... Im the proud owner of a black b7 2.0tdi quattro 170 (BRD) and i have a small running concern ,ive owend the car for about 3-4months now and ive noticed it has a stutter on light throttle . If im driving slow and let of...
  9. A

    BRD Engine change after low oil pressure light

    Hi everyone i have run into a bit of bother, on my 2007 2.0ltr, 170bhp A4 Avant. I had the dreaded low oil pressure warning light pop up then almost instantly an engine that sounded like a bag of spanners. So new engine time!! I bought an engine with correct code and with 61K on the clock...
  10. ANDY2.0

    AP Coilovers & S5 Rotors fitted

    Bought my B7 2.0 TDi 170 BRD about a year ago. Nice and standard. However a few months later the dreaded oil pump drive failure happened. So a modified balance shaft kit and oil pump was fitted as well as a new turbo. Searching for A5/S5 Rotors. Had to be in the best condition possible and...
  11. steven_smyth904

    2.0 BRD Cam position senor(G40) problem need HELP!

    Since I got my 2.0 BRD I've had no end of issues with the cam positon senor and was wondering if anyone on here had any Ideas before I burn the car to the ground! I've changed the cam senor 3 times in the last 6 months pulled the belt and checked everything that side and re done the timing...
  12. steven_smyth904

    B7 2.0 tdi nightmare help (BRD)

    Hi guys I've got a B7 07 2.0tdi 170 (BRD) code 60k on the clock and I'm having all sorts of problems with it and looking for some help as only had it just over a month and had none stop problems. The problems I've had are Underboost/ overboost faults Camshaft position sensor (g40) Exhaust gas...