brake pads

  1. R

    Brake Wear Indicator

    Just noticed my rear brake pads are quite thin, perhaps 3-4 mm left on them. At what point does the brake wear indicator kick in? Can't ever remember previous cars getting as low without prior warning :blink:
  2. Paddyposh

    Brake Pad Choice

    Hey had the warning light come up today for my brake pads, so thought I’d take advantage of the Black Friday deals. euro car parts have some however when I select my reg it says there are different sorts and to check fitment. Are there specific ones I need to be looking at? Need to check...
  3. CameronS3

    Car failed MOT on pads, Should I change the stock disks at the same time?

    So cars failed on pads at the front, taken it away so I can order some HP2000 or DS2500, stock disks have some life in them still. Is it worth changing them for some grooved disks at the same time or will it not make much of a difference in regards to stopping? Should I just put some HP2000...
  4. CameronS3

    Anyone experienced Vagbremtechnic front brake kit? Or do I stick with oem and add braided lines?

    So I’m looking at giving me a little more stopping power as I’m heading towards stage 2+. Question is am I wasting money putting on new disks and pads, do I just keep oem and add some braided lines and better brake fluid ? I’ve seen the vagbremtechnic kit on awesome gti with pads, disks and...
  5. S

    Audi s3 8v 2016 saloon

    So my break pad light popped up, Ive been looking on euro car parts for new pads but there are multiple pads with different sizes. Im not sure what size to go with One option is for front pads TRW - Height 64.8mm width 160mm The other option is for front pads Teves - Height 62.3mm width...
  6. A

    Brake pad advice

    Hi everyone I’ve tried researching this but can’t seem to find a relative answer. Changing pads all round on my PFL and moving away from OEM - Have settled on Ferodo but need some advice please! Car is used for fast road driving at most. Never tracked and not tuned. Can anyone tell me which...
  7. ohmyaudi

    Question on brake pads

    Forgive my ignorance here but at what level are you supposed to change brake pads? These are my rears, they look pretty low. Fronts still look good even after 1.5 years of pretty spirited driving!
  8. J

    Control centre/MMI broken after brake pad change

    hello, I’m in desperate need of some help. My a6 (57 plate) went in to have the rear break pads changed and when I got the car back, the whole control centre was broken. It comes up saying that there is a missing component, contact Audi and then shuts off. Obviously said garage said they...
  9. A

    Brake pad recommendations?

    Looking for new brake pads, any recommendation? Want something better than stock, to support occasional track use. Used EBC Greenstuff on one of my prev. cars and those were quite good as I recall. Also, is it the same size pads for all A4's?
  10. Taylor Smith

    A1 S-line Front Pad Rattle

    Hi all, I’ve got a 2011 1.4 (185) S-line A1 and after recently changing the front brakes with Brembo parts the pads had developed a really annoying rattle. I packed the guides with copper grease when I assembled the parts as usual but after just one day the rattle started. I have since...
  11. J

    Finding the right brake pads and discs

    Hi all, So I’ve just had my 13 plate black edition roadsters first major service at Audi price matched to £323.95 including brake fluid and pollen filter (seemed an okay price?) Anyway they’ve flagged that my front brake pads and discs are low and need replacing which I declined from them due...
  12. T

    A6 Avant 313 Discs & Pads

    My 2013 Audi A6 Avant 3ltr BiTurbo (313) is due for new discs and pads. Are people simply recommending OEM or going for Brembo? I'm not a racer so not looking for silly, but just the best brakes for sensible money now that a replacement is nearly due.
  13. L

    2016 RS3 8v front brake pads ?

    Hi my brake warning light has just come up on my 2016 rs3 being honest I think the oe pads are **** does anyone know if EBC have done any to fit the 8v or any other options for front pads need to change them soonish
  14. A

    Newbie Help on Brakes

    Hi, Please could you someone help answer some questions for me. My brake pad warning light is on my DIS. Do the rear pads also come with a sensor or is it just the front? They are all worn out the sane and its hard to tell. Car is a 2011 2.0 TDi I am looking to buy pads audi quoted me 126...