brake calipers

  1. M

    Prestige Brake Calipers on eBay... Anyone bought from them?

    Wanted to get my front and rear calipers painted red to add a bit of subtle colour coding behind the gloss black and diamond cut rotor alloys. But... I don't have a place to have both front & rear wheels off. The premise of this seller seems quite decent... To my understanding you pay £450, they...
  2. A

    Brake Upgrade

    Does anyone have any knowledge on whether calipers from older models will still fit an 8y? Looking to enhance the brakes on a3 Sline 40tfsie to go for an S3 or 45 competition look? The big brake kits are way out of my league but some of the painted calipers from other cars or even refurbished...
  3. localknoxville

    Audi A5 brake caliper bracket bolts

    Hello I was planning on changing my front disc and pads but the 2 bolts (21mm) on the caliper bracket on the back were really tight I’m going to buy some penetration spray and a breaker bar to help but am I right in thinking passenger side push down and driver side push up to loosen?
  4. B

    Brake caliper rebuild - rear TRWs

    Hi, In the process of rebuilding my rear brake calipers for an Audi A3 8p 2 2011, they are TRWs and I've come across a problem. The internal circlip within the caliper that retains the handbrake mechanism. To start, couldn't get it out, then it pinged out and now I can't get it back in. Every...
  5. Damian Owen

    Audi A3 8PA Sportback brake caliper thread size

    Hi I just cross threaded the brake pipe going into my rear caliper and was wondering if anyone knows what size tap I need to cleanup the thread please?
  6. Y

    Need replacement S3 Brake Plate!

    Hi guys Pretty much self explanatory, i bought a S3 8V 2014 literally couple days ago and i noticed on 1 side it has a missing brake caliper plate. Does anyone have any spare i can buy or any used ones, it is the driver side caliper that has it missing. anything will be much appreciated!
  7. M

    Brake Calipers on A6 4.2 Quattro

    Hello All, Could anyone help me with a problem. I have a 2001 A6 Avant 4.2 SE Quattro that the gearbox ECU failed on. The car went to a local garage who kept it for 8 months without fixing it as I was hoping to get a secondhand/reconditioned ecu. I went to collect it and the front calipers have...
  8. R

    OEM Part Number - Rear Brake Caliper Seizing causing handbrake to fail!

    Hi Can anyone tell me how to obtain the correct part for my drivers side rear brake caliper please? I don’t know the OEM part number n the mechanic couldn’t confirm it/I didn’t specifically ask him for it. I don’t know if the part needs to be taken off to confirm it? I’ve got my VIN number...
  9. AWP

    PFL Audi A3 2016 Brake Calipers

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone could give me more information on sizes and connections for brake calipers and if there is a straight swap for my A3. I was thinking of doing something like putting porsche/Lambo brake calipers as its a part of the VAG Group and should share OEM fittings ? Also...