1. Matt Wainwright


    AUDI A3 S3 8V REAR BOOT SPARE WHEEL FOAM COVER SPORTBACK 8V3012109R. Condition is "New". From an Audi S3 TFSI Sportback 2018
  2. Tom W

    Spare wheel / subwoofer location

    Hi, I've an A6 Avant (C8) on order and specced the space saver spare wheel. I've just read in a review the subwoofer goes in the space where the spare wheel would usually go, so I was wondering how both can be accomodated. Any Avant drivers with a spare wheel and a subwoofer? Thanks, Tom
  3. TheJuanAndOnly

    Light faults

    Hey all, Just jumped into the car after a Lidl shop and the HUD is telling me that my right rear brake, right rear indicator and right rear reverse lights have all gone, simultaneously. Obviously, replacing them is no bother, but I find the fact they all went at once a little suspicious. I have...
  4. R

    ccm Module power issues!!!

    Good afternoon! I have a 2013 A6 S-line black edition I keep having an error code for my ccm module terminal 30 open circuit I have checked all the wiring from the fuse box to the ccm module and all the contacts are fine and getting good voltage and the ground connection is good. if I...
  5. Duck C7 allroad


    £35 Came with my 2015 allroad but removed immediately as not needed. Previous car owner had a dog which has nicked the underside of the partition a few times (see pics), but is not visible in situ. Otherwise the item has no other damage to the unit or net, is clean, and works as it should...
  6. F

    Water leak into boot / wheel well - A4 B8.5 saloon

    Found one issue with my recent purchase 2013 A4. Water seems to be making its way into the spare wheel well and amplifier bay. I’ve cleaned all visible drains , and managed to dry out the amplifier bay and think I’ve found the main source of the water ingress which is via the felt liner...
  7. Alexander James

    Bonnet and Boot Ring Sizes?

    Hi All, Need a bit of help here, does anyone have the measurements for their bonnet and boot rings for their TT / TTS / TTRS? Need to know for all MK1 MK2 and MK3 if anyone has! Thanks!
  8. Alexander James

    Grille and Boot Ring Sizes?

    Hi All, Does anyone know the exact boot and grill ring sizes for the A1 / S1? I need all models if poss!
  9. A

    Water leaking in the rear of the car

    Hi, I’ve got a Audi A3 sportback 58 plate. Yesterday when I opened my boot I realised there there was water behind the headrest on the rear drivers side and on the rear right headline(where I’ve taken the pictures). I have a feeling that water is leaking through the door arms(see pictures)...
  10. Veeman

    Audi A3 2014 4 door boot button manual opening not working

    Hi All, First post here. Apologies for any mistakes or posting it in the wrong place. I've been going around trying to find an answer to my issue but I can't seem to find anything that satisfies my question. So the situation is, I bought an Audi A3 4 door from a used car dealership. Car was...
  11. T

    Replacing Boot Lid/Tailgate on 3dr A3 8P - Lock/Central Locking

    Hi, I am looking to replace the boot lid/tailgate on my 2010 3dr A3 8P. I have the replacement part, complete with all electrical components and trim. I'm confident with replacing the boot lid itself, however my question is about the boot lock. Will the boot locking mechanism work by simply...
  12. B

    A4 B7 Cab - Roof only opening a few inches then stopping?

    Hi There I just bought my 2008 B7 Cabriolet, and the roof worked during the test drive. However having tried again on my own, the roof only opens a few inches then stops. The dash also has the roof light flashing on startup (but it disappears). The guy I bought it from said "fiddle around...
  13. M

    3 door boot spoiler?

    I've seen there's quite a few rear 'spoiler' threads but none have really answered what I'm trying to find out. I've seen people saying the OEM 3-door A3 8P rear spoiler is pretty hard to get hold of, so I was wondering if this is the right one? Parts depot on ebay were selling it new for just...
  14. Dave Wilson

    How do I fit my 'curry hook'??

    Hi all - I'd followed an online discussion about storage in the S4, storage is pretty poor in mine, I don't even have a hook in the boot, so I bought one :) I can't work out how it fits though. There are 2 small square holes in the roof of the boot (under where the rear window is) which seem to...
  15. Ike

    rear (upper) boot trim removal?

    hi, i'm trying to remove the upper boot trim on my s3 (2007) today to install a number plate holder camera unit wotsit. i've removed the two torx screws but cant get the thing off. i found a post on another website that say just yank it, get your fingers in and it pulls off from the spring...
  16. a6southwest

    How does your power boot button work?

    Hi, new A6/C7 Avant 3.o quattro 2014 owner here, who is trying to teach his wife how to use the power boot opener (!). What happens when you press the exterior boot handle button on your cars? I ask as I can't work out a consistent method of opening the boot on mine! A quick squeeze of the...
  17. R@udi

    Audi A3 8L 98 boot lid won't open

    Hi all, hoping someone here might be able to help me out. I'm new to the forum and searched high and low but can't find anything directly relating to this exact issue. I'm unable to open the boot lid on an Audi A3 8L T-Sport 1998 model. The central locking pumps appears to be working correctly...
  18. KrisKrk

    Tailgate gas struts

    Has anyone managed to upgrade their C6 tailgate gas struts to lift open the boot? It can be unlocked from the key/remote but can the tailgate be lifted by simple struts replacement/upgrade? It does require some strong gas struts. Where to source anything like it?
  19. B

    Rear dashcam cable routing in an S3 (2006)

    Hi I’m looking to install a two camera dash-cam system in my 2006 S3. The car is immaculate, it’s my pride and joy, so don’t want to: a] have unsightly cables b] mess to things up :) I’ve had a poke around here, and on the web generally for some instructions/advice, can’t find anything that...
  20. S

    HELP! Keys locked in boot

    Hello and sorry for the abrupt first post! I have locked my key & spare in the boot along with my house key, phone & purse. Car is a B7 2006 A4 cabrio & is in dead lock. Auto locksmith couldn't get in by pulling inside handle or unlock button so even if I smash the window...all the electrics...