1. ozzy1609

    Crankshaft pulley bolts

    Hi, I have a 2006 A4 Cabriolet (2.0 TFSI 8HE BWE) and want to replace the timing belt. I got as far as the crankshaft pulley bolts and discovered that all the heads have badly corroded and I cannot undo any of them. There are 6 in total and I believe should be triple square bolts but on...
  2. M

    Random spacers/ wheel bolts question

    Hi. I bought some 15mm spacers for the rear wheels on my A3. 20mm clearance so this was about as much as I could get away with. Got them from a shop that’s well trusted on here who assured me that the 40mm bolts included would be long enough of an extension on the standard bolt length to secure...
  3. S

    2005 A6 C6 - Engine hoist hook bolts?

    So, this is kind of a noob question, probably, but my A6 had an engine swap in February last year, after the previous owner somehow managed to blow up an N/A V6. Still a mystery to me how that might happen... Anyway, the engine hoist hooks/eyelet thingies are still on the engine, and I have to...
  4. undark

    REAR lower track control bolts and bushes..

    Hi all, my garage can't seem to get hold of the correct bolts and bushes to fix my rear track control arms. Rather than replace the arms he said it would be cheaper... I'm not sure exactly what/how he's going to do the job, but I said I'd find the bolts and bushes. Polybushes a better idea too...
  5. Cheeks

    Nuts and bolts

    Does anyone know where I could buy spare bolts for my TB? And for the thermo housing. Car is 1.6 sport 8L 52 plate