1. ohmyaudi

    For Sale 18" Bronze Bola Wheels, 8J, fits S3.

    18" Bronze Bola B9 Alloys. 8J, 5 x 112, ET 40. Perfect condition, only on the car for a month. Free locking wheel nuts and spigot rings. £600, West London.
  2. Justin_17S3

    Help! Alloy advice opinion needed for S3 8V

    Hello All, This is my first thread. I am in need for some advice on alloy choice for my S3 8V. I had my automobile since end of April and I am thinking to change my alloys. My S3 has got Navarra Blue color and I am thinking about Bola B1 18 8.5J ET45 inch Matt Bronze. I assume alloy size will...