1. David Marsh

    Dash cam hard wire installation company

    Hi guys. Just bought 64 plate 1.6tdi and I want a front and rear dash cam installed. Can anyone recommend a good company in the North West? I'm a bit clumsy when it comes to electrics and don't want to do a botched job. Any help/advise/info will be greatly received.
  2. V

    Dashcam Power Options

    Hi, just became an owner of an S5 and looking to fit an existing dashcam (Blackvue 650) that I took out of my previous car. Wanted to know how people with dashcams in the B9's are powering it, I'd like to have the parking mode recording function and not sure if it requires a Battery Back like...
  3. AudiA4B596

    Remote Heating / Blackvue dashcam charging - Fuses in A3 etron

    Hi guys, Wondering if there's anyone on here that knows about the fuses in the A3 etron 2018? I've got a Blackvue Dashcam and Ultra Power battery setup and its all up and running, charging whilst driving, and so always on 24/7 (Parking mode), and it will last for 2-4 days. I've currently got...
  4. Mike Rogers

    Black Vue DR750s 1ch Dash Cam

    Hello Guys Ordered myself the Black Vue DR750s dash cam so that it can be linked to my phone etc, Also ordered the Power Magic Battery pack so that it will record events when parked and wont use the cars battery and drain it. Just wanted to know has anyone had any experiences with these...
  5. D

    B9 and Blackvue

    I've recently purchased a B9 S4 Avant as a move from my Q5 Sline Plus. In my Q5 I have a Blackvue DRW-650 2 channel dash cam mounted. The front camera sits under the console that holds the rear view mirror. With the introduction of the pre-sense camera I assume this mounting position will...