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  1. M

    Help Please Audi A4 Avant Problems

    Hi all, I've got a 62 reg Audi A4 Avant Black Edition (1.8 TFSI) with 104k miles on the clock.. Recently it has started to develop some issues which is typical as i'd like to sell it as barely using it anymore. 1. PDC have just started to not work.. orange light flashed on the button 2. Air...
  2. ItsMeLewie

    DPF filter and mapping query

    Hey guys, Hope I've put this in the right place. I've owned an absolutly beautiful 2011 Audi a3 S-line black edition sport back since June, it is literally a dream to look at (think the prev owner done bodywork upgrades) let alone drive! Although it is a dream, I am fully aware that I have...
  3. E

    2013 A5 Sportback Black Edition Revs Limiting 3000

    Audi Folk, I have had my A5 sportback black edition since January 2016 and haven't an issue with it until now. Was driving down the motorway to work yesterday and felt a tiny twitch. Thought nothing of it until i tried to put my foot down and the revs were limiting at 3000rpm, even when my foot...
  4. Brandon Williams

    Factory Order ** Black Edition **

    Hi All, I just placed an order at the weekend for an A4 Black Edition 1.4T S Tronic (150bhp) With Tech Package, Interior Colour Lighting Pack, Full Rotor Grey Nappa Leather in Metallic Mythos Black with Debadge rear. 12 weeks lead time; does anyone know if this is about right? The dealer has...
  5. Gas Pedal Subscribe

    2017 Audi A7 Sportback Black Edition

    Recently i filmed a video of the new 2017 A7 Sportback Black Edition. Please check it out it is an awesome car.
  6. Gas Pedal Subscribe

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to say hi as this is my first post here. I like food, travelling, driving or anything that attracts my attention, but yes mostly cars and automotive world. Recently i filmed a video of the new 2017 A7 Sportback Black Edition. Please check it out it is an awesome car...
  7. NoGGy

    A3 Black Edition Sportback 2.0TDI (2010) - Lowering Springs

    Hi All, I apologise in advance, as I am sure this has been done to death! I have searched the forums but couldn't find anything specific to the A3 2.0 tdi. I have Remapped, Miltek exhaust and BMC filter, but now looking to lower her a bit. I am fairly happy with the S-Line springs and how it...
  8. R

    Buying a TT, Black Edition?

    Hi All, I'm planning on purchasing a TT and I've been looking at the different models around and maybe someone could shed some light on this matter, After quite a few hours browsing i found the 2.0T FSI Quattro Black Edition S Tronic and apparently this 208 bhp car is putting a 0-60 mph in less...
  9. SidH

    Audi A3 2012 2.0tdi 170 EGR Replacment

    I have a Audi A3 2012 2.0tdi 170, Recently my car started losing power and the COIL light came on when plugged in to a Diagnostics nothing came up this was adhoc and didn't happen all the time. Yesterday the coil light came on with the engine management light, AA came out and said the codes...
  10. dokkaudi

    Selling your car in Classifieds section

    A question relating to selling on here (Classifieds section). I am looking to sell or part-ex my Audi A4 S line, Black colour, 2011, 68k mileage, full service history from Audi, MOT from Audi (01 May 2017). I’m after part-ex or buying an upgrade version to the Black Edition or Quattro. I’ve...
  11. dokkaudi

    Audi A4 Black Edition or Quattro?

    What is the main difference between a Audi A4 Black Edition or Quattro? Or which one is better?
  12. W

    Facelift A3 BE Vegas Yellow Ordered

    Exciting times! I've finally ordered by A3 BE in Vegas Yellow 1.4tfsi with a couple of extras! I've been juggling with the idea of either getting Technology Pack Advanced or Electronic Panoramic Sunroof and I decided to go with...... the Tech Pack Advanced. So the only extras are: -...
  13. W

    Facelift A3 Black Edition in Vegas Yellow with 10 spoke matt look titanium alloys

    Hi Guys, I was wondering if anyone here has the a3 Hatchback or Sportback black edition in Vegas yellow with these alloys.. I can only find s3's in that colour but I want the a3 in Vegas yellow with these alloys!
  14. Adamski_A3

    New A3 Owner

    Hi all Picked up my first German car on Friday being an A3 1.8TFSI Black Edition, Sportback after previously buying Peugeot/Citreon motors and being into the old modifying lark in my younger years. Small amounts still sit with me now, don't think it ever leaves you! But was time to chop the old...
  15. M

    A3 8V Black Edition Question: What's the difference?

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but after a quick forum search I can't find the answer... What is the difference between the A3 8V Black Edition specification over standard? I'd appreciate pics also if anyone has them... I'm considering upgrades to my new motor and want to see what I can...
  16. SidH

    A3 SB 170 2.0TDI Juddering when Accelerating When Engine is COLD!

    I have a A3 SB 170 2.0TDI Black edition judderscelerating When the Engine is COLD! its all of a sudden I was driving and after 2 miles the car was struggling to accelerate when I give it some acceleration it judders over 2k revs. I did notice an orange coil light appear when this was happning...
  17. Haudi93

    Stereo System Advice!

    I have a 2010 Audi A3 S-Line Black Edition. It only has the Standard stereo in and a fitted bluetooth set too. excuse the dust on pics, needs a clean ;) I am looking at buying the Audi Navigation Plus system from ebay so I can have the Nav system etc.. Just looking for advice on this or...
  18. James.B8


    Saw these two lovely black editions today in Weston Tesco parked next to each other. 16 plate S5 sportback and an 11 plate A5. I parked about 3 spaces along from you. Made my urge to change car even stronger. [/URL]
  19. M

    Audi Newbie

    Hi there. Just bought my first Audi after years of driving Mercs and Beamers and I must say I aint going back. I just love the car. Its a 2013 A7 3.0 TDi Quattro Black Edition with a few options. Hoping to retrofit a few items. Pics will follow soon.
  20. itchyhippo

    A1 Black Edition 185 Detailing Thread (PIC HEAVY)

    Chaps & Chapettes, :newbie: Finally after two years of owning my Audi A1 Black Edition (185) I have decided to show off some of it's beauty and my hard work keeping her clean! For anyone wondering, she is a 2012 A1 with 33K miles. 1.4 twincharged engine with Audi's 7 speed Stronic gearbox...