big brakes

  1. CameronS3

    Big Brake kit advice

    So just got my car back from AmD now currently stage2+ but my brakes are juddering on heavy braking assuming a warped disk so I’m looking at upgrading. Looking at the k sport 356mm 8pots kit (link below) my question is are 356 overkill and should I be looking at the 330mm? And has anyone any...
  2. Nagasaki

    New build swift (ish) A4 B6/7 1.8t Cabriolet

    Finally undertaking the build of an A4 B6/7 cabriolet quattro to house the engine and Turbo set up finished last year, combining most of the transferable and upgraded parts from our S-Line CVT B7 (owned from new) with a B6 Quattro 6 speed manual picked up locally. Reason, just based upon limits...
  3. S3 Hilife

    My S3 Addiction

    It’s been over a year now since Badger5 completed my GT30 build which some of you might remember from this thread: I’m happy to report I haven’t killed it yet and it’s still insane [emoji23] I’ve had the car off the road for a little while...