1. Z

    A5 Alternator bearing

    Hello People I have a 2012 A5 2.0tdi 105kw. My alternator bearing started grinding, i would like to rebuild it but i dont know the dimension of the bearings. The oem bearing is Bosch F 00M 599 401 but everywhere is out of stock and i can't find the dimensions to order an aftermarket one. Is...
  2. N

    Bearings again!

    Car has been sounding like an aeroplane for the last few weeks, so I decided to change the d/s wheel bearing today and to no avail the problem has not been sorted. This is the second time i've change the d/s bearing (the passenger side bearing was changed last year. Using the process of...
  3. S

    check for play in bottom end without removing engine?

    hi peeps, couple of Q's regarding 2007 s3 BHZ Can a failed cam tensioner cause the bottom end/ bearings to go? - or a blocked pickup cause this? as im thinking the metal flakes in sump could be from a bearing or rod- is there any way to check the rods for play without removing the engine? it...
  4. T

    New Audi and annoying noise

    Greetings from a new Audi owner! It is 2018 A4 sedan 2.0 TFSI Ultra, 6-speed manual. Now 6000+ km on the clock. All is good with the car, it is comfortable and nice to drive, Matrix LED lights are awesome, but coming from Mercedes W211 I needed some time to adjust to firmer sport seats and...
  5. pilla

    Passat B6 1.9tdi HNU Gearbox interchangeability

    I need a replacement gearbox for my 2006 Passat 1.9tdi 5 speed. BKC engine, HNU gearbox. Is that the only code gearbox i can fit, or is there any others.? Many thanks.
  6. Sematic

    2 years old cv joint?!

    Hi guys I need some help. For the last few months I have noticed a creaking/rubbing noise coming from the front right wheel when turning left. I first noticed it when on previous set of tyres when turning left on a wet car park it felt like the car was under steering when on 3/4 lock. Since...
  7. MKC

    Wheel bearings at 40k?

    I believe my n/s wheel bearing needs replacing since I have the ABS and traction control faults on my dash also I can hear droning noise when I turn the steering wheel right. Is it advised to changed the o/s wheel bearing at the same time? What brand? OEM part? Anything to look out for? Here...
  8. Cheeks

    Input shaft bearing?

    So it looks like I need a new clutch in very soon So I may as well tackle the other issue I've had for a while, best way to describe the noise is that it's almost like a whining noise slightly scraping/grinding (like a rough bearing...) and I'm not getting confused with the gearbox whine. When...
  9. Cheeks

    Wheel bearing/hub

    I'm going to fit a new bearing soon, but it looks easier with hand tools to replace the hub, is it something that should be done in pairs and also do hubs usually come with the bearing in already...