1. C

    Wanted B8/B8.5 s4 BCS Backboxes

    Please contact me if you are willing to ship to Canada, I will pay the delivery fee.
  2. N

    Wanted S3 8P Sportback BCS/Cobra Exhaust

    Hi guys, I’m after an aftermarket exhaust turbo back, preferably decat but not overly fussed, for a S3 Sportback (8P) preferably BCS or Cobra. Willing to settle for scorpion but I’m staying away from Milltek. If you guys have anything for sale or anything that’s coming off the car soon, let me...
  3. TomBlueS3

    BCS Cat back

    Hi all, After trying various exhaust brands and never being happy, too droney, too quiet etc. I’m looking at going for a BCS Cat back - lots of noise when you boot it and quiet when driving normally. Has anyone got one on here? What are they like long term? Is it worth going to their shop...
  4. Ethan-S3

    Exhaust s3 8p /BCS exhaust/ stock to bcs

    Hello i have a question regarding the rubber pipe that is on the rear of the s3 8p i believe it is for the stock system being valved i am stage 2+ and i run a bcs wrc decat full system would it be wise to use that rubber pipe already at the back of the car for the valve of my exhaust or...
  5. BCS Nige

    BCS Powervalve Turbo back Exhaust Sportback S3 8v

    Another recent Powervalve variable tone boost actuated exhaust install This one is on the S3 8v Sportback thanks for looking Nige
  6. BCS Nige

    BCS Powervalve launches new Downpipe variant

    This is the brand new 76.0mm Audi S3 (8v) Downpipe from BCS Powervalve... Following on from the demand for ultimate flow we have developed this with clients looking at up to 600 bhp in mind. Featuring the oversized 100 cell cat with an open area equivalent to an 93.0mm open pipe and the brand...
  7. S38pkyle-ing

    Kyles s3

    Always wanted an Audi S3, and in early summer while on tour in Iraq I finally found the the perfect one online. Reserved in and picked it up July when I got back; standard Audi S3 8p 2010 black edition. White and black interior too she’s the love of my life! Just thought I’d share my journey...
  8. S38pkyle-ing

    BCS downpipe

    Hi I'm planning on ordering a bcs downpipe and 200 cell sports cat for my s3 8p (2010). I've heard the engine light will come on once it's fitted and the only way to get it to stop is coding it out with a stage 2 map. Is there any other way to stop this happening ? And will the downpipe fit...