1. Ranj S3

    Facelift S3 8V Facelift Brake Kit Upgrade

    Hi, I hope everyone is doing good. I have an s3 8v facelift sportback. Currently running 340mm discs at front on stock wheels. But, I'm planning on upgrading the front brakes to macan 4 pot calipers, and 2 piece 345mm discs. I've also got new wheels coming up. Motec Tornado 19" 8.5J ET45...
  2. AdamsDad

    Which Coolant for S4 - 4.2 - Recommendations plse.

    Recommendations please for coolant change - what do you use ? Do you use distilled water ? What mix - 50:50 ? Any advice welcome - it appears straight forward, Thks. A
  3. KieranS3

    Wheel options for S3 with TT RS Brakes/Big brake kits

    Just wondering what wheels are people running with big brake kits? I am currently running the standard facelift S3 alloys with a 12mm spacer and they fit fine over TTRS calipers, but I would like an aftermarket set like OZ's or something.