bam engine

  1. Nicholaslo

    Power steering problem

    Hi guys, Just brought an s3 8L few weeks ago, the power steering suddenly go down today. Meanwhile I travelling back home, the dry bearing sound comes out and the power steering reservoir seems like being over-folded with field leaking. And I keep 40km/hour on my way home, once parked. The...
  2. Josh Newman

    Radio always turned on

    Hey guys so I'm stumped I have a couple of problems the other day I went to start the car and it started ran for 3 secs and then died on me and will not start at all now just turns over so I've had it put on a flat bed all the way back to my house. Up on closer inspection when I turn the key the...
  3. T

    Rust on roof rails

    Hi everyone, I’m relatively new to this page (first ever post) I’ve viewed this Audi S3 8L 2002 Quattro with BAM engine with 101k miles on the clock. And have fallen in love with it. The car is mechanicly sound, it has full service history, the oil sump and rocker cover has been all...
  4. Bama3sport


    Guys and gals! This may have been covered numerous times, but I'm sticking a bam in my originally dbc car (agu engine) and I cannot find anything regarding the throttle cable to wire upgrade. Has anyone done this conversion that could take photos for me or have them lying around??? The engine...
  5. davsin

    Exhaust down Pipe problems

    Hello All, My garage have told me the downpipe is badly corroded and is in need of replacement, I have already spoken to Pipe Werx and have a complete system price, however my concern is having to drive from the west coast of Scotland to Ormskirk for the 500 mile journey. I was looking for...