1. Diwestiny

    2.0 Tdi - BMN - Hates starting !

    My 2008 Audi A3 2.0 Tdi BMN engine - mileage 150k, has had been a bad cold starter for about 2.5 years. It cranks but does not fire up. It is intermittent and random, then sometimes it starts spot on ! Drives very well, but to add to the mix I notice .... very very occasionally and randomly, I...
  2. Joshua Ward


    Hi all, I found the smell of fuel in my oil around a week ago, so I instantly stopped driving it and ordered a new HPFP (which I was lead to believe from previous posts was the issue) had a brand new one from Audi and fitted it along with a full oil change and filter change, just did a cursory...
  3. Nathan Bailey

    Car judders and stalls

    So on the way home today my car was juddering really bad and then I got onto the dual carriageway and all of the sudden I lost power and my engine stalled and the battery light came on but all of the lights and radio was still on. I manage to bump it off quickly whilst it was still rolling and...